My First Socks

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For a while now, I have been noticing everyone’s lovely knitted socks. I have never before been a sock knitter. They failed to beckon me. It seemed like a lot of trouble for goofy socks that you have to hand wash before one precious sock would inevitably get lost or sucked up by the vacuum.

As far as gifting socks, it just seemed like a non-starter to me. Would any of my friends really like a gift they had to hand wash? Wouldn’t they accidentally just end up jumbled with the rest of the laundry and misplaced into the dryer, only to shrink to fit Barbie? 


I was tempted all the same. Other knitters made their case. Socks are a small project that travel well. Easy to pick up here and there. Plus you can knit lots of socks and then wash them all at once each week or so. 

To me, knitted socks seem like an all or nothing kind of deal. At least from a laundry perspective. You need lots or none at all.

Then I came upon Glenna’s post on all you need to know about sock knitting and I was sold. Why the heck not? It was everything I needed all in one simple post.

I grabbed a skein of Madelinetosh Sock in Shire and used Glenna’s links to figure out how to knit using the Magic Loop on my 40 inch needles (size 2). Socks on double pointed needles just didn’t sound like fun. Deciding to use the Magic Loop was the final check box for me. 

Houston, we have lift off.

I  cast on with Glenna’s Nice Ribbed Sock pattern. I aborted my first effort after an inch and a half. I like the Magic Loop technique because you can try your sock on. It was quickly apparent 64 stitches would be too big for me. 


I reduced to 52 stitches for Try 2. I am about ready to work the heel flap. I admit to suffering from slight anxiety about adjusting Glenna’s math to accommodate a different number of stitches. I am hoping it will be intuitive, although I always feel this way about grocery shopping as well, always leaving with bags of chocolate and wine and seemingly nothing to eat for dinner. 

Sometimes intuition isn’t what you think it would be.

Let’s hope, knitters. Let’s hope.

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