New Essential Rules for Knitters

In direct contradiction to the title of this post, let me first offer an obvious disclaimer: there are no ACTUAL rules for knitting, or knitters. It’s a lawless land out there, just so long as you don’t stab anyone to death with your knitting needles. Unless of course it’s self-defense, but we’ll all just hope you never find yourself in that particular situation.

Knit however you like. Whenever you like.

Lawlessness aside, I offer some, well, guidelines for happier knitting. I’ve found myself in a new chapter in my life, providing me with the space to redefine my knitting habit addiction process in a way that works best.

Rule 1: Knit Always and Often

I would be remiss if I did not first disclose that the first rule of knitting is obviously to knit. Whenever you can. Or, whenever you want.

Rule 2: Chill and Knit by 7:00 p.m.

I have a new rule I am trying to keep for myself: chill by 7:00 p.m.

Yes, I know you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking wouldn’t that be nice. Like me, you are surely on your feet until the last possible hour of the day. Dishes. Laundry. Lunches for the next day. Steadfastly working off an extra 10 lousy calories in a grimy gym somewhere (that’s actually not me AT ALL…) Or, possibly, still at work.

It’s hard to find balance between ACHIEVING (which requires a large investment of time) and living, which sometimes requires doing next to nothing. Now, as I am overwhelmed by all there is to do be done, I find it helpful to set limits for myself. By 7:00, I’d like to be winding down my day and relaxing, needles nearby.

Will I still parent after 7:00? Of course. I aim for 7:00 bedtime, but it doesn’t always happen… Especially if Reed has had a nap or is happily doing his own thing. There’s no hard and fast rules. Just goals for healthy living.

I am setting boundaries for myself.

Rule 3: Seek the Company of Other Knitters

For the large majority of my knitting life, I’ve been a solitary knitter. That works for me. I enjoy sitting quietly alone with my needles, recharging after long days. This is the path of the introvert.

Every night, across the vast planet, knitters everywhere sit alone on the sofa with tea (or wine) and Knitflix. Some among us are more coordinated or erudite and instead elect to read or listen to podcasts while knitting. Even though we are all alone, some of us with trashier tastes than others, we are somehow together.

But really we’re alone.

However…in a way, knitting can be like drinking. Knitting alone isn’t always advisable. A wise knitter monk (yes, that’s a thing now) once said: one must always seek balance.

For a long time now, I’ve aspired to start a monthly knitting group, and I’m planning to move that toward the top of my to-do list.

Rule 4: Maintain a Small Yet Manageable Stash

Yes, that’s ALL of my yarn. Mostly scraps. Very respectably (or horrifyingly) small stash. I try to keep things simple! No clutter. Considering all of my yarn fit in that basket on the floor for more than a decade, I think the slight expansion to another couple baskets is reasonable. For the most part, I only keep yarn on hand for projects on the immediate (three to six month) horizon. I see photos of stashes blipping about the internet that look nothing short of an in-home yarn store and am equal parts envious and overwhelmed. I of course wish my stash was a little more substantial, but I also wish I had jeans that fit comfortably (although the answer to that one might be less chocolate and more exercise).

I have set up a temporary knitting studio in an extra bedroom. It’s mostly empty and the walls are still bare. I haven’t actually spent much time working in here, but perhaps someday I will. I hope to make it cozier, just as soon as I find time to decorate and nest before 7:00.

Do you have any new knitting rules you’d like to share?

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