New Revolutionary Knitting Development–Brace Yourself! This is Big!!!

This one is a game changer.

Knitting will NEVER be the same again.

The entire rule set of the knit-universe has been completely rewritten.

We can now COMBINE multiple forms of relaxation and pleasantry.


Like I said, this one is BIG.

I don’t typically post photographs of myself on the Internet wearing a bathing suit for the entire world to see, but this is so REVOLUTIONARY that I felt compelled to provide VISUAL EVIDENCE of how truly earth-shattering this new knitting technique truly is.

As you may recall, floatying is my favorite sport. Yes, I maintain that floatying is indeed a sport. If you know me in Real Life, you have surely heard me espouse–on Multiple Occasions–that the winner of floatying is the person with the lowest pulse and blood pressure, short of death.

Now, that is what I call relaxation and athleticism nicely wrapped up into one happy activity.

Up until this revolutionary knitting breakthrough, I have always had a bit of conflict when it comes to how I spend my free time in the summer. Do I knit BESIDE the body of water, or do I float ATOP the body of water?

It’s been taring me apart.

Big decisions. Painful tradeoffs.

Have I daydreamed about floatying and knitting at the same time? Yes!

For years now, I have wondered how I could do both concurrently. Seriously, I really have spent an inordinate amount of time pondering this Great Conundrum of Leisure. I kid you not. This is why I am so surprised at myself that I did not resolve this great inequity SOONER, as the solution was truly so simple.

Previously, I was impeded by two barriers:

  1. An overwhelming fear of my knitting project (the skein, in particular) rolling off of the floaty and into the body of water upon which I was floating. Instant disaster. Even just knitting NEXT to a river, I have previously (on more than one occasion, actually), had my sock skein roll DOWN the beach and INTO the river). It happens, people. It happens.
  2. In my previous life, my floaties were the fancy, foamy FLAT variety. This required one to LAY DOWN at 180 degrees–a challenging ergonomic position for any knitter. We kept our floaties in our pool (which I no longer have, SAD!!!), and they just never seemed like they would work for knitting.

It just wasn’t happening for me.

Until now.

When, in preparation for our big camping trip, I snagged a new, inflatable, CHEAP pool floaty (I bought this one on Amazon for just over $10 USD). It was the best money I ever spent.

This baby reclines! With arm rests! It’s got everything you need to knit. I can’t believe I didn’t buy one of these sooner. Back in my pre-knitting/pre-motherhood days, I used to buy the exact same model, hike into wilderness lakes, blow it up, and read a book all day long, surrounded by Rocky Mountain glacial peaks. True story. It was a thing of mine for a while. What can I say, I am a sucker for a good floaty, an absorbing book, and killer scenery.


If you are clever enough to have a floaty that keeps you UPRIGHT at a comfortable angle (with armrests, no less!), you are in business. Knit away! I recommend working on a smaller project (socks, hat, mittens, or a small cowl) and using a knitting bag with a strap that stays around your wrist to prevent knit-drowning, which would be tragic. I was floaty knitting with my socks, which I always keep in my trusty, durable sock bag. I love this bag, and it has a wrist strap that I use for socking and walking (walking while knitting my socks).

The other great thing about my cheap floaty: it has a drink holder! Seriously. It does. In case you want to fix yourself up a watermelon margarita for the ultimate knitting experience.

I cannot wait for my next floaty knitting session. I am already plotting.

I REALLY hope you have a chance to try floaty knitting, too. Especially now that summer is here. Find a suitable floaty and your nearest body of water (safety first!), be that a pool, lake, or stream. And then, just knit. *

P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

*I can already tell you are going to love this. I posted this photo on Instagram earlier this week, and the comments were profound.

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