New Year’s Resolutions For A Knitter (Anytime. Anywhere.)

New Year's Resolution fit for any knitter. Anytime. Anywhere.

New Years? Already?

I am in denial.

I already told you what I hope to knit this year, but I didn’t tell you how. I have resolution, knitters. Brace yourselves.

Knit the stash.

Yawn. Ya. Ya. Every knitter’s worst knitmare (not a typo). True nonetheless. I think I have enough yarn stashed away in the hall closet to get to me to my birthday at the end of April when I typically stock up for the year. Yarn stores be warned: I am not coming.

I hope.

Buy a Swift and Ball Winder

Because I have to buy something related to knitting, even if it isn’t yarn. And, seriously. Enough is enough. All this winding over the back of a chair? It’s ridiculous.

Why don’t (all!!!) yarn companies just sell their yarn pre-wound? For knitting’s sake…

Start a Knitting Group (Again)

This was my New Year’s resolution in 2012. I actually did it. For a while. Until I was too pregnant to keep hosting and organizing. Given I live in the middle of nowhere, it was quite the feat. There are more knitters in the sticks than one might think. (We are everywhere! Mwha ha ha!!!) I aim to give it another go. But not at my house.


Meditation has never been my thing. I invariably get stressed at the end of a yoga class when you lie down, close your eyes, and just are. Who has time for that?!? I just think about all the things I should be doing…dinner, dishes, laundry, yada yada. A wise friend told me I can knit and meditate. Just focus on the stitches and think of nothing else. No chores. No future knits. No problems. No dreams. Just, well, nothing. The stitch. I am going to try. It’s my only hope.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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