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Nirvana Yarn

Every now and then, I get the itch to visit my Little Yarn Store. Even though I don’t need anything at all. I will find myself down in Civilization (because I otherwise live in The Middle of Nowhere) with a few toddler-free moments, and I will sneak in.

I sometimes get this same itch with Target.

Our little secret.

Perhaps you also suffer from these little itches from time to time? Mmmm hmmm.

I won’t tell your husband if you won’t tell min.

The last time I found myself with a LYS itch to scratch, I came upon this little baby.

It was the color that grabbed me–a rich jewel tone even though I happened to be in the market for soft, light neutrals.

Of course.

For under $8, I figured Why Not and pocketed a single skein (372 yards) of Filatura Di Crosa Golden Line Nirvana yarn, a lace weight merino wool in Color 54. After all, it is called Nirvana, which sounds very promising.

I have no plan. No advanced scheme. I am thinking lace weight shawlette but I do yet have a pattern in mind. I haven’t even browsed Ravelry (soon!). I need some ideas, if you care to share.

Have you knit with Nirvana before? Aptly named? What did you make?


13 thoughts on “Nirvana Yarn

  1. Very pretty! May I recommend this little gem, the Riverwild Qiviuk Scarf by Megan Delorme. Here’s my project link with notes:

    1. Thanks. Quite lovely indeed!

  2. Thanks, for that pattern idea! Its lovely. And an extra bonus that its free.

  3. I just bought some yarn this weekend and have no plans for most of them, I like buying yarn that way. Yours is quite beautiful!!

    1. Do let me know what you end up deciding on! How exciting.

  4. I have this same yarn in my stash! The same thing happened to me, I found it in a yarn store and it seemed amazing, and for such a tiny skein, packs in a good laceweight yardage. Mine is a dark blue, and I haven’t used it yet- so I’m especially interested to see what you might knit up with your precious skein!

    1. Likewise. In case you get to yours first…quite possible at the rate I am going.

  5. I’ve used this yarn before, but I don’t do lace weight 🙂 I use it as a companion to my absolute favorite, Superior (also by filatura). It comes in the same colors as Nirvana, so it’s a perfect pairing…soft halo of cashmere and a bit of wool to give it some substance. I’ve only used the combo for cowls. Although, it would be awesome for hats & (non-lace) shawls as well!

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