No Nap, What???

When you have an infant, they sleep all time. Scrath that. They sleep all the time during the day. Nights are another story.

Then, Year 1 passes and three naps turns to two naps…And then, suddenly, you are down to one mid-day nap. Two precious hours of peace and quiet in the middle of the day to think and…if you are lucky…knit.


Then Year 1 turns to Year 2 and suddenly the nap disappears. Just. Like. That.

Absent a well timed car drive of respectable length at just the right time, the mid-day nap is no more. Which I am okay with, honestly. Because it’s 7:30 p.m. and my dear child is Sound Asleep. If he had taken a nap, I would still have two more hours of figuring out what in the hek to do with him.

No, we cannot watch Bob the Builder.

No more markers.

No, we cannot do anything that involves making more messes I have to clean.

Yes, you can have a snack.

No, it cannot be a cookie. 

Yes, I love you.

Of course I love you.

And so it goes.

Truly the trickiest thing is trying to figure out how to take  a reasonable photo of yarn and other knitted notions during day light hours when a photo is more apt to, you know, look good.

No, don’t touch that.

Stop. Stop. Stop. (Very frantic voice)

If you just give Mama two minutes to take this photo without absolutely otherwise destroying this lovely and perfectly would ball of Brand New Yarn, we can eat a cookie.

And watch Bob the Builder.

But just one episode.

How is it possible to be a successful parent and accomplish anything without resorting to bribery? That is what I want to know.

I finished knitting Version 2 of my Twist Cowl pattern (still in development) last night…Just need to wrap up with some grafting and blocking (next weekend, most likely). In the meantime, I am getting ready for the next pair of Purl Soho’s garter earflap hats for a new baby and toddler pair. I have yet to knit with Classic Eilite Yarn, so I am excited to give it a whirl.

Here we go.

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