On Fall Knitting

I typically think of Fall as a gentle season of calmness and slowing down. Knitting quietly in the window while staring mindlessly at the trees in the yarn, leaves adjusting hue as a last hurrah before they drift to the ground and rot until I rake them up. Fall is when I aim to tidy the garden and plant new crops of hearty greens. I clean the house and tuck away the outdoor furniture, safe from the impending rains. I will uncork the season’s first bottle of red, and happily knit stitch after stitch, satisfied with all that it.

Not this year.

This year, I run around like a crazy lady. Reed keeps saying, like a broken record in his I-am-being-so-funny voice, Are you nuts? The poor little guy doesn’t know how right he is.

Yes, dear child, I AM nuts. Or, I am going nuts.

There has been no calm. No slow. Hardly any knitting. I have not sat in the window and stared, thoughts drifting. The garden is in shambles. The lawn is on the verge of becoming its own non-native forest ecosystem, exotic grasses and all. Maybe there are tomatoes left to pick. Maybe that have all rotted. I haven’t even had a chance to look. The outdoor furniture? Well, it’s dripping wet. The rain beat me to it.

The red wine, however, has been uncorked. I can assure you that. Although somehow (and I have NO idea how this could be possible), a single glass seems to hit me harder than I recollect, sending me early to bed at the detriment of my knitting. Time to reassess that little joy.

As I move through the motions of each day, flashes of fall color zip by in a hazy blur. How do you reconcile seeing something and missing that same thing all at the same time?

I forget how grounding knitting is to me until I have been severed from my routine, leaving me only to catch myself wondering, for the first time, if that little vacant plot next door might be suitable for sheep of the woolly sort.

Worry not.

I WILL be reunited with my knitting soon, leaving me only to fret about which one of my four projects to finish first: Poncho 1, Poncho 2 (also pictured above in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, sweatershirt colorway), the baby hat ver. 3, or some socks?

I look forward to seeing you at the Yarn Along. I’m listening to I’ll Give You the Sun and reading Truly Madly Guilty

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