On Finding Time to Knit

I have a toddler.

‘Nough said.

This is what I want to know: how do people with young children find time to knit?

Is it acceptable to lock a toddler in the closet so mommy can knit?

Yeah, probably not.

Actually, definitely not.

Do you knit while your children plays and encourage them to be independent while you are knitting? Or do you just abstain from knitting while they are up and about and in your care?

For me, it is the later. I have not really tried knitting while my child is awake. Finding time to knit is a challenge. I typically have more design ideas than I can keep up with, not to mention the long queue of projects from other designers that I am dying to tackle.

If it is a work day, my only shot at knitting is at night, after my child falls asleep. Sometimes this is after 9:00 (commence side discussion on how to get toddler to sleep before 8:00). By then, I often fall asleep snuggling my child, outwitted as I wait for him to drift off before getting back up myself to tidy the house and then knit in front of the TV. Half of the time, I am simply too exhausted to knit, even if I do survive the bedtime snuggle.

Even stockinette.

My preferred time for knitting is nap time. This happens several times a week on days off when I get in a precious hour or two of knitting time during actual day light hours when my brain is more capable of activities such as math and pattern development. This assumes I do not have to work from home (prioritized during nap time), prepare something for dinner, or some other more pressing chore.

Basically I get in ten hours of knitting time a week, on average. Not nearly enough.

What is a girl to do?

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