On Knitting Socks

My first socks are cruising along. I finished the first one last weekend. They aren’t anything special. Just socks.  Pure and simple. In an average, go-with most-anything color. Socks.

Now I am no expert on sock knitting. I have knit only one. A single sock. I still need to weave in the ends. That is how incredibly non-expert I am.

I have found sock knitting requires a lot of time fiddling with needles, sliding the needle back and forth to use the magic loop. I image using double pointed needles would result in even more needle fiddling. This needle fiddling business must simply be accepted. Part of the process. It just is. As far as I can tell, there is no way around it.

There are lots of itty bitty stitches on those itty bitty needles, but they knit up quick. Although I can see how good eye sight is required. And how years of sock knitting might cumulatively impair said eye sight.

Once I got the math down, the socks were flying off the needles. I can see the appeal. Now that I have a better sense of the ideal number of cast on stitches of sock yarn in my gauge, I feel like I am better poised to evaluate future sock patterns and more quickly determine if they will work for my size 6 feet without having to adjust a bunch of math. This overconfidence is probably not deserved.

I used a sock weight yarn, and I was surprised by how thick the first sock felt on my foot. Toward the bulky end if the sock spectrum. Definitely an apparel for winter. Warm. For those mornings when your feet really need something warm to take the chill out of your bones.

Have I mentioned how much disdain I hold for winter? Lots. Those of you who reside in Canada and other colder regions will always baffle me. Why can’t we all just colonize a nice, tidy tropical island and start an entire nation of knitters, bound together, knitting lightweight tees and tanks? And sipping piña coladas. And mojitos.

My second sock is flying along. No signs of Second Sock Symdrome. I already ordered my second skein of sock yarn. I don’t want my first pair to be lonely. Socks seem like an all or nothing effort,  based on laundry processes alone. I don’t want to sort and hand dry a single pair of socks. I am more likely to succeed if I simultaneously care for a week’s worth of socks all at once. They will keep each safe and well cared for. Power in numbers.

Hand knit socks need to stick together to survive.

But what do I know? So far, I only have one.

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