On the Precipice of Something

Have you ever come to a place in your life where you pause and realize you are on a precipice? All you have to do is leap, although where you will land is unknown. Uncharted. Maybe it will be greatness.  Perhaps it will be an utter and total flop. There is no choice but to jump and see what comes.

Or, if you don’t launch up into the air, you will never find out.

That is how I have been feeling lately, at least in terms of the knitting in my life. It’s been simmering on the side now for so many years. Don’t get me wrong, it will continue to proceed at a snails pace for quite some time into the future, as far as I can tell. I am doubly certain my knitting foibles will continue–the pattern designs that don’t always manifest on the first (or third) attempt, the dropped stitches that unravel faster than the stock market, the finished objects that take four months to knit and still don’t quite fit right.

It’s all part of it.

My knitting atmosphere just feels so super charged right now. Little ionic particles of wool (and perhaps alpaca blends) sparking and shimmering all about. I am so excited about the cowl design I have been working on. I was tempted to stay up to all hours last night to finish the final rounds, but I knew I would regret the sleeplessness in the morning.

I have also recently discovered Craftsy, which makes me super excited in a way not dissimilar from being provided with a plump slice of moist chocolate cake. There’s is whole new realm of online knitting resources and choices beyond my dearest Ravelry, I have been discovering. I loved Craftsy so much that I became an affiliate*, but more on that soon. (I will be sure to make a Big Announcement in the near future with all the deats.) In the meantime, I am itching to cast on my new Architexture Scarf Kit*. I ended up with the lavender heather colorway, which feels absolutely perfect for a spring knit.

Architexture scarf kit from Craftsy

At the same time, I aspire to make progress on my Bucket List by finally and formally taking an online colorwork class, which is a step above and beyond my typical method of stabbing-and-poking at random You Tube videos. I can’t decide between two colorwork classes: one offered with Melissa Leapman* or another one taught by Anne Berk*. Argh. Decisions. Decisions. Have you taken one of those classes? Advise me!

When it comes to knitting, I have always leaned toward the determined end of the spectrum, especially since Reed was born. I felt a responsibility to make it work, and I have (mostly) enjoyed the weight that has brought to my life (in a non-caloric kind of way). But lately, that I feel Even More Determined. Maybe it’s fleeting. Maybe I will regret it someday. All the energy I put into something that was just a phase in my life and an immeasurable blip in the cosmic realm of the ever-expanding (shrinking?) universe. Time petered away on a mere hobby out of control that could have been applied elsewhere with more successful results.

Who knows. I don’t. And I try not to doubt.

In the meantime, here I am. On my precipice. Ready to jump. I can only hope there is a big pile of fluffy wool at the bottom to cushion the landing, should the fall be a long one.

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