Pattern Release: Nikita Shawl

Often when I knit, I know the finished item will be a gift for a specific person. While I knit, I will think of that person. It’s like there is no going back. No changing my mind. No deciding to give the item to someone else or keeping it for myself after all.

It’s a done deal.

Their ethos is knit into every stitch.

That’s how it was for the Nikita Shawl, my most recent pattern now available on Ravelry here. From the very first stitch, I knew the shawl was destined for my child’s former day care provider. It was her color. Something she would wear. Ellen is the most remarkable woman, and she is retiring this year after many, many, many years of gracing the lives of so many children. I know she touched the life of my own child, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


This shawl was also supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I haven’t quite delivered it yet.

Next week.


My holiday season was unexpectedly bumpy, you might say. Many things were finished but still await delivery.

I don’t want to talk about it.



The Nikita Shawl is a simple crescent shawl. It’s a top-down knit that begins by casting on just six stitches and increasing in stockinette. Edges are cleanly finished row by row in a slip stitch edging. The bottom of the shawl has a vine lace motif followed by a second pattern that creates a gentle wave on the cast off.


It’s perfect. I love it. I hope you do too.


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