Perfect Holiday Mittens Anyone Can Knit

Perfect holiday mittens anyone can knit

Okay, be honest with me. Don’t hold back.

Are these too pink?

Perfect holiday mittens

I kind of think they are too pink. And I like pink. I mean, I would wear pink all the time, anytime. It’s a good color for me.

My best girlfriends? Maybe they don’t feel quite as passionate about pink… I just don’t know. Is this a color respectable women in their mid-30s actually wear, besides me of course?

As far as yarn trends go, I have been more inspired by a muted pallet of late. When I ordered this Malabrigo Worsted (in Orchid) via WEBS a couple weeks back, I swore it looked much, well, mellower online. Then I opened the package and bam! reached for my sunglasses. Such is the drama with online yarn shopping. Oh, how we suffer. I almost sent it back, but the yarn was just so SOFT that I decided to give it a go.

The pattern, however, was perfect. I enjoy Susan B. Anderson’s blog, and I was happy to try one of her patterns. The mittens knitted up quick. One day for each hand. Nice and simple. No major mistakes or drama, although I still need to weave in ends. This means there’s a chance I could poke my eye out with a darning needle.

You just never know.

Potential vision loss aside, I do recommend this pattern for a quick holiday knit. There’s still hope for you (me?) yet. My favorite thing about this simple, perfectly understated mitt is that the left and rights hands are the same. Nothing to keep track of. Two identical mitts.

(I have this thing with right and left, but I will save that for another day.)

Do I knit another pink pair or resort to a more subtle, possibly more wearable color (as in: beige)?

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