Planning My Year of Yarn

Something magical happens each April.

The skies part. The  sun beams through. My little yarn store offers me 30% off an entire  purchase just because it is my birthday this month.

Happy birthday to me. 30% is quite a respectable discount as far as I am concerned.

Most years I forget and miss the opportunity. Last year, however, I capitalized on the moment and saved what seemed like a bundle…although I had no clear plan and, giddy with yarn adrenaline, randomly dumped skeins of yarn, mostly Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, into my shopping basket.

I didn’t have patterns in mind, nor did I know how much yarn I would need for a project. So I just guessed. As it seemed, I erred on the high side (better that than the low side) and ended up with an extra skein of each color after knitting my sweaters last summer.

Yes, I am one of those weird people that knits sweaters in the squelching heat of summer. What can I say.

This year will be different. I have a plan. I have combed through my Favorites queue in Ravelry and picked out four tops that I most favor. I think four is an ambitious but potentially realistic number of larger projects for me to knit (note two don’t even have long sleeves) within the year, on top of creating my own designs and random smaller projects such as hats and shawls that are also awaiting my attention in my Ravelry queue.

I know my LYS doesn’t carry all the yarn recommended in the patterns, so I might have to go a little rogue and pick something similar, but at least I will know an approximate yardage.

I am tempted purchase yarn online as well. I know my LYS doesn’t carry Quince and Co., and I really want to try it after all the positive online buzz. We’ll see…

The year’s projects are below. All photos are via the designers from their Ravelry pattern page and are shared with the intent of positive promotion for each pattern.

Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes $9.50 EUR for an issue of Pom Pom

Katya Frankel Kitty’s Chemise $7.50 for the issue of Jane Austen Knits

Dolores by Dawn Catanzaro $6.00

Hiroko Fukatsu’s Polaris $6.65

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