A Purple Shawl for Fall

Simple short-row crescent shawl with a check stitch border. Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca.

You’ll be happy to know the purple yarn did indeed turn into a shawl, although, in all honesty, I may have spent more time unknitting and reknitting and than Just Knitting. This simple crescent shawl has a check stitch border. Sometimes I forget alternating knit 2, purl 2 can look quite pretty for being so boring. I had envisioned a broader border of check stitch on the top. It seemed I had so much yarn remaining until all of the sudden I didn’t have any yarn remaining. I hate when that happens. I wanted to make a crescent shawl that was deeper than my last two, and I did. But I also wanted the ends to be pointy. And they aren’t.

Womp. Womp.


Now I know, for pointy ends, one INCREASES and does NOT decrease.

I learn something new every day.

I’ve had these two gifted skeins of Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca in my stash for a year or two now. When I wound them up to try out my swift earlier this year, I decided the yarn was mighty fine actually and added it to my mental Knit Soon list.

I do follow through on most things. Eventually.

Fall arrived here right on schedule. Crisp air. Even a bit of drizzle. I busted out some socks. Switched from white wine to red. All I want to do is lounge around and knit. I know that’s not quite possible, but I am going to keep dreaming about it anyway.

All things in good time.

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