Readers’ Choice: Indie Yarn Dyers

I hate to gloat, but if you’re buried in snow, pelted by sleet, drug down by the Dark, Dark, Dark days, or just generally cold…well, I am living it up somewhere warm and sunny.

And I just might not come home. #endlessvacation

Because for the first time in WEEKS, my hands are finally warm and don’t ache.

Among other benefits.

(Hey River Nights by Knitley Road)

Don’t worry. I didn’t abandon you entirely. I have left you with a fabulous Yarn Shopping Opportunity. (I have yet to meet a knitter who doesn’t love to shop for yarn…)

Thank you to everyone for your fabulously supportive responses to my Proclamation that 2017 is the Year of the Indie Dyer. I am glad you all are on board.

(Worsted Merino Chartreuse by Allison Barnes Collection)

Many thanks to readers who were kind enough to chime in with their favorite indie dyers! I have compiled everyone’s input into a list (below, in no particular order) with hyperlinks to webpages. Shop away!

There is also a second list of some of the yarn dyers I have made connections with and hope to collaborate with later this year. Please check out their sites as well!

(Blood Orange Superwash Sock by Dye Monkey Yarns)

Reader Suggested:

Long Dog Yarn

Fiber and Hue


Supernatural Yarns


Moonlight and Laughter

Kindred Red

(Unicorn Sprinkles by Fiber and Hue)

My Peeps so Far:

Allison B Collection

Knitley Road

Beloved Yarn

Simply Ewe Fiberworks

Dye Monkey Yarns

(Pink Champagne Lace by Simply Ewe Fiberworks)

**NOTE: All photo credits revert back to the indie dyers and are used here for positive promotional purposes only. Please consider supporting these fiber artists next time you are buying yarn. Shops are listed in random order. I have not yet tried any of these yarns but very much look forward to doing so soon!

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