Redemption, Vol. 2

A new baby hat in the works over at This Knitted Life using Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.

Unsurprisingly, I still haven’t redeemed myself.

I thought I was all (well, mostly) in the clear when I finished my last cream colored baby hat…but then the hat was actually a wee bit too small for the neighborhood baby (AKA Baby Hat Model).

Of course.

I had been cleverly working up these Much Improved baby hats from my ample stash of scraps of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, which of course I LOVE. My scraps had run their course and I seemed short on sufficient yardage of a suitable shade to make a third hat. This tragic fact left me with no other choice but to order more online (I settled on the Logwood colorway) and patiently wait for the U.S. postal system to work its magic.

In the meantime, the too-small hats were shipped off to a brand new baby with a smaller head. As it seems, the list of these newborn creatures seems to be growing at such a staggering rate, and I just can’t keep up. I’m backlogged in the New Baby Gift Department, with more and more on the horizon, and have actually wondered if I shouldn’t just buy a gift like a normal person instead of holding on to this bizarre determination to knit something for all these new babies.

A knitter need not be defined by an unspoken responsibility/obsession/expectation to knit things for new babies. A knitter can still be a knitter and knit things for people other than new babies.

That’s precisely why someone invented Target.

All the same, I am determined to get this hat right, as my own knitting karma is directly attached to fixing and finishing this pattern before sharing it with the masses for free.

I have this knitting journal of sorts where I scribble significant knitting notes to myself, particularly when developing a pattern. It’s where I work out my math and write down the steps I take such that I can eventually decipher my illegible handwriting and type up my notes in a manner that might actually make sense to other human beings. In the case of the cream colored baby hat, I had indeed written down the number of cast on stitches so I could easily tell how many additional stitches I would need to make a hat correctly sized for the Neighborhood Baby Model after my prior failure.

Except…and I won’t go into detail here…it didn’t exactly work out that way, and I couldn’t actually BE CERTAIN how many stitches I had cast on. Was it 78 or 88? I anguished on this a bit and even tried counting stitches and pattern repeats from the photos in my prior post and Instagram, but in the end I just couldn’t be sure. I even went so far as to ask my friend and recipient of the cream colored baby hat to please count the picot points on the brim for me and text me with the results.

I’ve heard nothing. New moms have a lot on their plates.

So I’ve taken a wild guess for Try Number 3, hoping the hat will be larger than Try Number 2 but not so large as to be unsuitable. This invariably means I have guessed wrong and am spending all my free knitting hours knitting a hat identical to Try Number 2, which will also be TOO SMALL for the Neighborhood Baby Model, thus requiring Try Number 4.

I can say this: I am making sure my notes are clearer and I am not mailing away Try Number 3 until I am absolutely positive I have documented how many stitches I cast on with unequivocal certainty.

So help me, Great Wool Spirits.


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