Hand knit baby hat in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. With just the perfect amount of lace and a faux-picot brim.

Apparently being sleep deprived when Reed first born was more impacting than I realized. I thought I had it together back in that first year of Never Sleep Ever. But I didn’t.

As evidenced by actual written text that I myself typed roughly three years ago, my brain was not at all functional. I just thought it was.

You know what that is?

I’ll tell you: DELUSION.

A couple of months ago, I finally got it together to knit Ginny’s baby shower gift. Yes, that child was born eons ago, but, hey, better late than never? I was puttering about Ravelry looking for a suitable baby hat, no longer needing a newborn size as the child may be older than one by the time I pull this off.

Anyway, there I am on Ravelry when it hits me. Wait a minute. I don’t need a pattern for a baby girl hat. I HAVE a pattern for a baby girl hat that I already wrote and offer for free on Ravelry. I will use that.

Brilliant, right?

I dig out some Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light scraps and figure I can adjust gauge. The original version was knit in Baby Boo, and, well, I don’t really care for Baby Boo much anymore.

I’m already writing my little card to Ginny in my head. Dear Ginny, Sorry this is three four five six? months late. But, isn’t it great?!?!  Love, Me.

Except…it didn’t take me long to realize my original pattern SUCKED. Like, REALLY TRULY SUCKED KNITTING ARSE. Embarrassingly so. Even giving away this pattern for FREE as I had been doing was like a crime against knitters everywhere.

Truly, my heart goes out to any poor fool who downloaded this free pattern and actually tried to knit the thing. I AM SORRY! I should be paying you for pain and suffering. Wow.

First, there were all these k4togs everywhere. I was actually so incredibly exhausted and dysfunctional as a new mother that I thought knitting four stitches together over and over again was a good idea.

And there were math errors that I had made in conversion of one size to another.

AND, all kinds of other things I am too ashamed to tell you about. IT WAS BAD.

A few months ago, someone even messaged me on Ravelry and politely asked about a potential error in the pattern. I actually opened the pattern, looked at it, and messaged back that all was well. Uh, if this poor soul is out there right now, reading this and thinking Hey, that was me. I hate that lady, I am SO INCREDIBLY SORRY.

You will be happy to know I have reworked the pattern*. I got rid of those stupid k4togs. They are now k3togs, which is more manageable although still loathed by many. I adjusted the stitch pattern a bit so it is a wee less lacy…and I fixed all the math. With a little luck, the pattern will go off to the tech editor THIS WEEK. My tech editor, who I obviously wasn’t clever enough to know I REALLY NEEDED those years back will DOUBLE CHECK everything so I can rest assured that the release of the corrected and updated pattern will not ruin anyone’s life.

At least not for reasons that are my fault.

After that, I just have to track down a cute baby model to confirm that it actually fits a human of the appropriate age and size. I have one such tiny human in mind. I just have to catch her when she is awake and in a good mood. Not always easy for these cute babies!

Then…and only then…this pattern will be released for FREE to all of my subscribers. I am attempting redemption of my knitting karma from this treacherous woolful sin that I committed, good intentions and all. I am hopeful this will happen in the next month!

If you aren’t already a subscriber and you are interested in receiving this FREE pattern, sign up today. I will never share your email and will only occasionally (rarely) email you anything other than regular blog posts.

And, Ginny, if you are reading this, little Mabel will hopefully have a new hat before 2020. Emphasis on hopefully.

Love to all and may the knitting spirits be generous with my tormented, now slightly less sleep-deprived soul.

As always, I am joining the Yarn Along this week and still reading A Man Called Ove . Apparently I don’t make as much reading progress with a real book vs. an E-book. Kind of sad.

*On the upside, it is slightly comforting to see how far my knitting and photography have come over these past several years. I’m making progress. Slowly.

**Affiliate link. Thank you for being you!

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