Reed’s Blanket

Fresh from its first wash last week, Reed’s Harvest Moon Blanket ​is clean and ready for another round of snuggles. I remember so fondly the day I bought this yarn. I was halfway through my pregnancy, and we just found out Reed would be a boy (and not a girl, as I had not so secretly hoped). After our appointment, Husband so graciously dropped me off at the yarn store (the one and only time this has happened) so I could pick out yarn for a baby blanket.

I went with a Sublime yarn (I forget the base…it’s been three years now) in the Froggy colorway. I remember each stitch from that summer as I worked the blanket, perhaps the most important project I had ever knit. So full of anticipation and wonder. Guiding my emotional preparation for my biggest job in life so far: motherhood.

In it’s first rendition, this blanket stayed mostly in the car, where I would snuggle it over Reed in his car seat when we drove about. Then came the frightful day when I looked back to find he had (intentionally) snagged one of the yarn over loops and was pulling and pulling and pulling. With great delight.

I nearly ran us off the road. I was so horrified.

My advice to future baby blanket knitters: avoid patterns with nice lacy elements. They are enticing for little fingers. Even though they are beautiful and fun to knit. Stick to simple knit/purl patterns only. Minimize temptation and spare yourself the future torment.

Reed turns three in December. He is full of words and thoughts. Ideas of his own. Last night before bed, he asked what a desert was, having recently learned about the cactus plant. I calmly explained all about the ecosystem attributes of a desert, highlighting everything I knew about cactus. I was so proud of myself and my momentary display of patience so late in the day.

Then came the question: do camels eat cactus?

Well, my dear. That is a different kind of desert.

Life can be so complicated.

Since its great wash, this blanket has been living on our sofa, despite the lack of color coordination. Reed fondly calls it my blanket! and snuggles in it with great delight. It’s getting more use now than it did in the car. Although I am just waiting for the next snagging event. I know my naughty little bear. He just can’t resist temptation. Already, he knows mistreatment of hand knits is the quickest way to ruffle my feathers.

Aw, motherhood.

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