In Solidarity with Mothers Everywhere

I am scurrying to write this before my own mother comes by for a little early Mother’s day dinner. We both abhor the throngs of people brunching on holidays such as this and tend to schedule our own celebrations slightly a kilter from the masses. Given my mother doesn’t follow this site, I am safe to share with the infinite kniteratti  found here on the Internet that I am going to knit her a shawl. Thousands of people will know it is coming, yet she will be surprised.* Amazing how that works.

The yarn is The Fibre Company Cumbria fingering in Cowberry. This is my first time working with The Fibre Company yarn, and I’ve been making an attempt to try new brands in addition to my commitment to supporting indie dyers this year. I plan to update my Twist Shawl pattern, as I work through my entire older catalog to make sure it is as perfect as can be.** I nearly went with the original tried and true Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light but couldn’t settle on a satisfactory colorway at my place of commerce. Alas, Cowberry is much more my mom’s shade.

What can I say, we’re mixing things up over here.

As you read this, I will be scurrying out the door to reunite with my own dear child for an afternoon of fun. The snacks have been packed and the extra changes of clothes are at the ready. Sunscreen too. Reed is a fruit-eating, laundry generating kind of a kid. I can’t wait to hear his voice and see his sticky little face. Spending time with Reed is the best gift I could possibly ask for.

Mothering isn’t always easy work, but of course it’s the most important work we do. Or at least it’s the most important work I do. There’s no right way, although there seem to be lots of wrong ways. Each day, we just do our best, love our kids, and clean up the messes (hopefully teaching them to clean up their own messes along the way). We give the hugs and wipe the tears (and the butts). All in a day’s work! Being a mother is a constant dance of putting someone else before you. All through life.

Even my own mother still does it, and I am nearly 40. She’s my biggest fan, even through my mistakes. Earlier this week, I caught her wearing what must have been the very first (incredibly ugly) itchy, scratchy, tweedy scarf I ever knit. Seed stitch. TWENTY YEARS LATER, SHE STILL POSSESSES AND WEARS THIS HORRENDOUS MONSTROSITY OF KNITTING! I am fairly certain it is even skinnier at one end than the other.

Go Mom!

To the moms out there, I truly hope you’re casually reading this as you sip your tea in your pajamas, bathed in sunlight and warmth, surrounded by those you love and who love you back. Knitting at your side. Even if you are not a mother (perhaps not yet or perhaps never to be), I know you can appreciate mothering as you pause to remember your own mother, as perfect or flawed as she may have been–possibly a little bit of both.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

*If I were a better daughter, I would have ALREADY knit the shawl. (Although this way, I am likely to finish by next May and am just getting an early start for 2018!)

**I just finished updating my Twist Cowl pattern. There were just a few little tweaks, but the final version is amazing. Keep your eyes posted for a release in the next week or two, although it’s already live on Ravelry.

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