Spring Bucket List of Must Knits

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I am SO incredibly glad it is finally spring. We’ve been treated with a handful of sunny, warm days. Reed and I will hover on the front deck for lunchtime snacks after our morning walk to the river. He’ll ride his tricycle  around the patio furniture or play for an hour in a giant cardboard box while I sneak in a few rows here and there before we both tire and wander down to the garden for a bit of weeding (me) and dirt flinging (him). We just in bask in the sun like turtles all. day. long.

And then it rains.

Aw, spring time.

Spring is such a lovely time for knitting. My fingers finally start to defrost and quite possibly knit a bit faster.

What am I going to knit this spring? Here’s my bucket list.

This Scarf.

My own design. It’s still on my needles. Light and lacy. And pink. Perfect for spring. It’s knit horizontally. Ooh la la. Awesome ideas for spring knitting. The only list you will ever need.


My 2016 Bucket List included knitting all the patterns in Home & Away. I have started with Rosemont as part of my office knit-a-long. I’m ready to divide for the sleeves.  I think finishing by summer solstice is realistic. This leaves just one question: which pattern from the book should I knit next?Casting on Hannah Fettig's Rosemont Cardigan from Home & Away


I am still plugging away on my Architexture Scarf*.  The pattern is sectioned with letters (A through H, or something like that). I have been knitting one lettered section each week, to pace myself with other projects. This week is letter C. (C for champagne, right?) Stay tuned later this week for a chance to win your very own Architexture Scarf kit, yarn and all. Maybe you’ll finish yours before mine! Architexture scarf kit from Craftsy

Simple Ribbed Socks

I have been consistently keeping a pair of socks in my small Go Knit pouch. Now that the man socks are done, I just cast on another pair of simple ribbed socks that just might be ready in time for Mother’s Day. We’ll see. I know it’s boring to knit ribbed (or stockinette) socks, but they are a perfect project for knitting while chatting or supervising playgroup children. I sneak in a few rounds here and there…and before I know it, I have a sock! A true knitting miracle.

I will be one happy knitter and awfully proud of myself for finishing these projects before the end of the season. I think it’s doable.

Now: is it too early too plan the reward celebration?!?! Or, is that bad luck?

Joining Ginny and reading Fates and Furies. I just started reading last night and didn’t get too far before nodding off.

*Affiliate link! Thanks for being you!

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