Spring Bucket List of Must Knits

Despite the deluge outside today, somewhere deep in my soul I KNOW it is Spring! This means I will be retiring the red wine for berry-based cocktails and sangria spritzers and (someday soon) sprucing up the dried out flower planters lurking on the front deck with some fresh starts. Outside, everything is blooming and actually has been for quite some time despite the ceaseless wet weather. Inside, everything’s a mess. Chaos remains, and the fire continues to crackle in the wood stove because IT’S STILL COLD!

Still, I know those bright days of knitting outside will be here soon, and I am planning for it! As is my custom, I’ve drummed up my latest seasonal knitting bucket list to share. I’ve got two words: shawls and tees!

Now, excuse me while I go choreograph a Please Stop Raining Dance in my kitchen. I’ve never before done such a ritual, so I will have to make it up. I think it will involve chocolate, fresh strawberries, and maybe cream.


I see lots of shawls in my immediate future! What can I say, I have an itch I have!

I couldn’t help but notice Crafty’s new Key of Life shawl kit. I think I want to work one up in Antique Fuchsia and Cloudy Skies. Or maybe Salt Water Taffy. Can’t decide!

Key of Life Shawl Knitting Kit

Still on the shawl kick, I am also loving the brand new Madelinetosh Penrose Tile shawl kit, which is over at Crafty as well. We all know Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light is one of my FAVORITE YARNS! I think I will pick Oceana and Paper for my colors. Eep!

There’s just something about these two-color shawl kits that seems like they would be fun and engaging to work up….always something different going on in the pattern to fend off knitting boredom.

I also have plans to rework my popular Twist Shawl later this month in order to make sure the pattern is perfect and reviewed by my tech editor. Anyone who has already bought the original pattern will of course receive any pattern updates.

And, don’t forget this is the Year of the Indie Dyer! I am chomping at the bit to work up a new shawl pattern with one of my favorite collaborators, Daien @ Beloved Yarn. Expect something yellow soon!

<div class="special">Marrakech</div> Beautiful DK

Photo by Daien @ Beloved Yarn



I have really enjoyed knitting up Riverton, and it’s reminded me how quick and easy (and affordable!) knitted tees can be.

Photo by Sheila Toy Stromberg

I of course have this list of awesome tees already running in my queue, but then I remembered I have had Whispers in my Ravelry favorites for YEARS and I still really love it. (Yes, I realize it is remarkable similar to Riverton with those front pleats. What can I say, I like what I like!)

I need more hands!

Photo by Veera Välimäki

I truly hope bright and warm spring weather finds you soon! As always, I love to hear what’s on your own bucket list too, so please drop me some hints in the comments.

And…before I forget…if you are in the mood to be distracted with a last-minute Easter knit, I have a whole inspiration board over on Pinterest here. Check it out!

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