Starting Fresh

Over the course of a single summer, I went from being a Serial Monogamist Knitter (SMK) to having three projects on the needle at once: my socks, a Waterlily tee, and now this. 

Never would I have guessed this would ever happen to me. Before you know it, I will be exercising daily, ceasing to use foul language in most sentences, and other unthinkable things.


My itty bitty swatch of Madelinetosh DK in Fallencloud is finished. Washed and dried. Bam!

I cast on a new hat design project in Fallencloud this morning. I am two rows in. I have had this design in my head for a year now. I made an attempt last fall, but the yarn was all wrong. I am hoping for a more suitable pairing with the Madelinetosh DK.

As I think of my design work, I think: A hat. No biggie. I can finish in a day. 

I crack myself up.

Two weeks in, I have had three false starts and accomplished little. I plot to pull an all nighter now that the hard math and written pattern development has been sketched out. The thinking is largely done. Now I can just knit. I hope.

I am always amazed at the amount of time that goes into developing even a small, one-skein project. This leaves me in utter awe of sweater designers and other projects that come in more than one size. My heroes. 

As with much in my life, I am constantly challenged by how little time I have for my own endeavors. Or perhaps my time is proportioned suitably but my endeavors are lofty.  Either way, my progress is slower than I prefer. I know this may change someday when my child is older, but for now I struggle to make peace with my perpetual inability to create my own success. Just for me, standing on my own two feet and succeeding at something more than providing three square meals a day, washing dishes, harvesting tomatoes, entertaining toddlers in some sort of enriching fashion, and overseeing bath time. 

Soon, I promise myself. Soon.

Linking up with Ginny. Just finished reading How to Start a Fire by Lisa Lutz and loved it. 

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