Summer Bucket List of Must Knits

Everything you need for summer knitting. An all-in-one-spot bucket list!

Hello? You’re looking for me? I’m over here. You know, by the pool. Lounging in the shade with my cocktail, staring longingly at my pool floaty, wondering what system I can possibly devise to enable me to knit my sock WHILE floating in the pool without risking my entire skein becoming overly saturated or otherwise sinking to the bottom of the deep end. Glug, glug, glug. (Okay, more likely I am in the pool supervising my very busy young child and arguing with him about when it is my turn to use the floaty, but I can dream.)

Oh, I’m not by the pool? Then I am at the river. Swimming. It’s beautiful now. Clear and as picturesque as a World Class Swimming Hole (WCSH) could ever come. We love to go there in the summer. It’s why we live where we do. Reed digs or plays with his trucks. We talk with our friends and rustle through the cooler for drinks and snacks, then hoover in the shade of our new pop-up shade tent (hallelujah!). I squeeze in a few rows on a sock and watch the bald eagles soar overhead, searching for salmon snacks. On the way home, I pretend not to notice to the substantial volume of sand that is All Over my car.

It’s that glorious time of year I wait for all winter, when it is finally hot. We’ve had a week of 100 degree (38 C) days when there are two options: swim or hide inside. We do a little of both. (Also: a startling rate of popsicle consumption.) Our days are full of constant battles over the application of sunscreen, batch after batch of sun tea, and tomatoes growing as fast as my waistline after the holidays. I harvested the apricot tree the other evening, and the bounty was substantial.

My rate of knitting does not slow in the summer, but I do adjust what I knit. Here’s my Summer Bucket List, in case you need some inspiration.


Socks are amazing warm weather projects. I have a pair on the needles at all times. When we went to the river last weekend, it was so incredibly hot out. I was not about to bring my 100% alpaca poncho (it’s huge, it’s hot, and I don’t want it to be covered in sand and grime), but a sock will do just fine. You can take a sock anywhere: fishing, camping, or the neighborhood barbeque. Do it! There are lots of free and simple sock patterns that will do just fine for even the most beginner knitter, like the one I used for the last pair of socks I finished.

Lace scarves and shawls

I recently finished a lace weight shawl. It wasn’t my favorite project (although I did like the pattern), but I think a simpler pattern in lace weight would be less frustrating and perfect for summer, for my particular (lazy) style of knitting. I see so many fabulous lace projects on Pinterest that are simply stunning, and I know there’s a lot of potential here for the more patient among us. This might be a good little summer project for someone. Lace weight yarn is also so much less expensive, leaving more money in the budget for summer cocktail fixings. Good tequila can be pricey.

Summer tops

I love knitting summer tops and tees. My Waterlily tee has been getting lots of use, and I would recommend the pattern to anyone. I also really loved the tee I knit last summer and hope to knit a second one (that actually fits) soon. I saw this pattern on Ravelry the other morning and almost cast on, but I just can’t right now. Must. Stay. Focused. Soon, I hope. Other favorites tees currently in my Ravelry queue are here.

Knits for fall

As a designer, I have to plan my knitting projects ahead a season. I should really plan ahead two seasons, but I am simply not that organized (yet). At night, when the AC is going strong and our house is actually on the colder side for my personal preferences, I bust out my poncho project and snuggle in. This is a big project and, at my rate, I just might be done by the end of summer.

What sun-santional knits are you stitching up this summer?

P.S. I FINALLY started a Ravelry group for This Knitted Life. You can join here! (If you haven’t already…)

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