Super Duper Holiday-Whooper Sale!!!

Holiday knitting pattern sale over at This Knitted Life.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (good news?), but Christmas is in seven weeks.


I knew there was a reason I have been feeling so old lately.

And, Hanukkah starts right around Christmas Eve.


You do Kwanzaa? Whelp, you’re screwed too. That’s the day after Christmas.

[I will pause now while you go hunt down your bottle of vodka/chamomile tea, to take the edge off.]

My own holiday knitting list is fairly minor this year. I learned my lesson last year when I tried to knit the entire family socks.

Bad idea.

Lots of skinny yarn and tiny needles. Need I say more? Just the thought of all that marathon, stressed-out speed knitting sends me into K-PTSD.

(The K is for Knitting. In case you were wondering.)

Never again.

But, if you are more determined than I…or more sensible in your holiday gifting project selection…then this is your lucky week.

This week only, all of my patterns are 30% off to the Regular World of Knitters with the Ravelry Code TKL30 and 50% off for subscribers. (Subscribers, check you inboxes for that special code.)

I was a busy little knitter and designer this year, publishing six new patterns so far this year. I’ve linked to my six most recent patterns below, but my entire catalog is here.

If you DO decide to go deep into the realm of Determined Holiday Knitter and you need a little moral support, you know where to find me. I’ve got you covered.


Sleep is overrated.

Chocolate is underrated.

Go for it.

In the meantime, happy holiday knitting.

Remember, you’re code is TKL30. Go big! Knit on! What is there to loose? This sale lasts for one week only. There’s no time to doddle.

Knit always,


Linto Creek Cowl

The Linto Creek Cowl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Metamorphosis Cowl

Metamorphosis Cowl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Rainland Shawlette


Stoneland Poncho

Stoneland Poncho by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Trintara Hat

Trintara Hat by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Tulipland Summer Scarf

Tulipland by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

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