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Gifts for Knitters, Vol. 1


It’s that time of year! You know, the time of year when all you do is swipe your credit card.

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

Over and over.

I’ve done you all a favor and curated a lovely list of gifts for the knitters in your life. Now you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your sofa. You don’t even need to bother the cat on your lap.

I personally think it’s perfectly okay if the gift recipient is YOU and have definitely had years when I shop while thinking to myself: a gift for so-and-so and a gift for me. A gift for so-and-so and a gift for me.

It happens.

So, what’s on my list this year?

All things Craftsy. Craftsy* is having their annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale event starting on Thanksgiving (U.S.-style), so now’s the time to STOCK UP. All classes are $17.78 USD or less. (Remember, you can take and/or re-watch Craftsy classes whenever, over and over again. They are AMAZING and very high quality. You’ll learn tons AND TONS.)

Plus, knitting and crochet supplies and kits are up to 60% off. They have some great new classes in the line up, like Modern Brioche Lace, which I really hope to take soon.


I think my favorite Etsy shope just might be Jenna Rose Handmade. I have a huge obsessions with her project bags and baskets. I have been visiting this one on my computer often.

We talk.

Is it weird that I talk to a basket on my computer screen?


Anyway, Jenna hand prints all her own fabric. I have one of her project bags, and I get compliments on it whenever someone catches a glimpse. It’s my favorite, for sure.

Yarn bowls are so much fun. I really like the small yarn bowls from ceramiquecote on Esty. What can I say, I have a thing for birds.

Honestly though, I think the best thing you can possibly give the knitter in your life is NICE YARN. What knitter wouldn’t want a couple skeins of Merino DK from Long Dog Yarns? I love the new Grace colorway, although all of Brandy’s colorways are loads of fun.

Grace [merino dk]

Okay, knitting books. Tracy’s Purtscher’s Dimensional Tuck Knitting was hands down my favorite knitting book of the year. (If you missed it, I previously raved about it here.) It’s innovative, super pretty, and it has a sturdy hard cover, which makes it a legit book to gift. Plus it’s on sale for $15. BARGAIN.

Let’s talk needle sets. I love my ChiaoGoo interchangeable needle set, but I did form a crush on the Driftwood Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set this year. They are SO pretty. Having a needle set has been super duper handy. If you don’t have one yet (or if you have knitter friends who don’t yet have a set of needles), try to make it happen. Game changer.Lykke 3.5" Driftwood Interchangeable Gift Set in Grey Denim PouchThey also make a double pointed needle set. They are GORGEOUS.Lykke Double Pointed Needles Gift Sets (Large US 6-13 Set in Grey Denim Pouch)Stitch markers always make a great stocking stuffer. Mine disappear like chocolate and wine on a Friday night (apparently my sofa eats them???), so I am always replenishing. There are five zillion choices, but I like this simple set from lavenderhillknits on Etsy.

Okay knitters, shop ’til you drop! And eat those left overs, if you are doing American Thanksgiving this weekend.

*Disclosure. These are affiliate links, and I will receive a very SMALL sum of money if you decide to make a purchase using this link. That said, I include these links because I LOVE these products and have bought them myself and LOVED them (except the Driftwood needles, which I have only seen, groped, and coveted). 

P.S. All photos rights  revert to the respective makers/authors/online market places and are shared here for positive promotional purposes only.

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