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Ten Reasons Why Counting Stitches Should be a Solitary Exercise

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  1. After having Hannah Fettig’s Lesley pullover on bucket list for EONS, cast on. Joy!
  2. Make pledge to self: will only work on leisure knitting (this project) one night per week. For night-off knitting only!
  3. Start with neck ribbing. All is going well. Complete short rows. Check. Start on increases for sleeves, front, and back. Double check. All seems in order. The world is still spinning in the correct direction.
  4. Become overconfident. Neglect to check stitch count.
  5. Go to (first!!!) monthly knitting group after work. ONE Bloody Mary! Don’t judge. It was AFTER work.
  6. Knit. Talk. Imbibe. Notice seam along increases appear a little non-linear. Hhm. Figure body is also non-linear, so they would probably wiggle anyway. Denial.
  7. Next day: go to river. Take Lesley. Yes, one night/day week quota exceeded, but all other projects were blocking or the color white. No, white yarn CANNOT go to the river. And yes, one can knit aran weight pullovers when it is HOT out as long as one frequently remains wet. Count stitches. WAY OFF!!! Spend an hour tinking back four rows in an attempt to “even it all out.” Ignore wobbly seams. Chat with friends concurrent with “counting” stitches. Get up a bunch to swim. Distracted. Distracted. Distracted. But surely, count must be fixed after an entire afternoon reworking.
  8. Week later: go camping. Grab pullover from knitting bag. Note pattern has been left behind. Hundreds of miles away. Panic. Further note yarn label with stitch counts scribbled has not been left behind. Good enough. Panic resolved. Count stitches. Worst than the first time they were “fixed.” Panic Phase 2. Ponder. Swat mosquitoes. Ponder some more (Mosquito swatting does not help concentration.) Decide to frog. Rip back to beginning of increases. Try 2. No tears shed. Take it all in stride.
  9. Knit a bunch. Vow never to do increases in the presence of another (non-sleeping) person again! Make little chart with row and required stitch count to better track increases. Count religiously. Track religiously. PRAY A LOT. TOTAL SILENCE. (No Bloody Mary…) Back on track soon enough. Aran weight yarn has its merits. Rejoice after separating for the sleeves. The torso is straight in-the-round knitting! What a pleasant surprise! Yep, knitter neglected to read pattern in advance before starting, as recommended. Sometimes avoiding prim and proper has its benefits.
  10. Unable to put down pullover. Just want to knit and knit and knit. One night per week quota exceeded. All other projects require counting, thinking and general brain engagement. Once again, knitter is ready for cocktail and knit-chatting. Phew.

Now, will the darn thing fit?!?!?

*Note this is me in my camp chair, near sunset, right before I realized how screwed I really was. Reed was sleeping in the tent.

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***I hope everyone enjoyed fantastic Canada Days and Fourth of July’s for their respective North American nations. Now summer’s REALLY here! Knit on!