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Hatching Plans-The Key to Every Knitter’s True Success

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I will say this: lists are everywhere. I have lists. Reed has lists (slightly less legible).

We are plotting. And planning.

Some items are simple. Take a shower. Brush teeth. Watch a cartoon. (That one’s on Reed’s list, anyway).

Others are more complicated. Go here. Do this. Make that happen.

Even the lists have lists.

It’s overwhelming and thrilling all at the same time.

I want so desperately for everything to happen all at once, but I am wise enough to know that is not how the world works. Things take time. Perseverance. Hard work. And eventually the pieces fall into place.

I am reminding myself to be forgiving. Patient. Slightly more organized.

In the end, the hours in each day don’t change. No matter what, there’s only 24. (Someone really oughta get on that problem.) I can only knit as fast as I can knit, and of course I secretly wish I had an army of knitters (and gardeners and window washers) at my disposal to speed things up a bit. Or more hands. (At least a self-driving car…)

My post-Reed bedtime plans are always ambitious, and I’ve honestly vacillated between feeling like I need to work into the wee hours…to make progress and generally catch up…and to just sit and knit and simply BE.

Now, I know you KNOW me by now and of course already have guessed which path I’ve chosen. Especially given I’m working with this AMAZING!!!! silk/merino blend from Beloved Yarn in the sunniest of colors. There’s just no other option.

(If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably been noticing my feed’s been extra cheery and yellow lately.)

Thus, the list waits. (Except for the item related to finishing the bright, sunny shawl…good progress there!).

And, as always, I knit on.

I so hope to finish the shawl this weekend, although I don’t want to jinx myself. We all know a poorly-time frogging can unravel (pun intended) even the best hatched plans. Some problems even ambition can’t fix. That’s the beauty and plague of knitting all at once: you can only work one stitch at a time.

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