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Dispatch: Panama

Of all the joys that come with vacationing somewhere warm in the dead of winter, my favorite was spending so many consecutive days uninterrupted with Reed. No work for mom. No school for him. No just as soon as I finish the dishes. Or, yep, after as I switch the laundry…let me feed the chickens first…heavens, have you seen the state of our TOILET?!?!


It was just Reed every day, all day.

Which was mostly amazing.

I wish there was a job where I could travel around the world and knit. With Reed, of course. Although I don’t think he’d like that job quite as much. I could tell two weeks away from home was a bit much for him. He was ready to head back to the dreary north long before I was.

There are few things I enjoy more than traveling with my knitting.

I packed three projects and finished nothing.

I did knit a bit almost every day, but not like I would have if I were at home, staying up late binging on TV while everyone else slept. Our schedule was different than it normally is at home, and we were all crammed into a single hotel room the entire trip. No late nights alone for mom.

I guess I exchanged yarn fumes for sun fumes.

And a few cocktail fumes. But nothing too boozy as to cause errors in my stitch count.

Reed had so many firsts. First time on a horse. First time jumping in waves. First time riding a boogie board. First time snorkeling. First big boat ride. First time out of the country.

He was one lucky kid-o!I loved all the sunsets and sunrises and tried to catch them all. I had hoped to see more monkeys but was only lucky enough to see two. I guess Costa Rica has Panama beat on the monkey front.

It was so amazing being WARM all the time. My fingers felt great! I am destined to live somewhere tropical. If only they can get rid of all those horrid tropical diseases first…
I was struck by how undeveloped so much of Panama is, at least the parts I saw. There are so many miles and miles of, well, not much. Just Panama. Fields with cows. Beach towns waiting to boom. Waves.

And lots of sea shells. Reed and I collected our fair share.
I will admit it’s nice to be home. As much as I delighted in two plus weeks of not cooking a SINGLE meal (rejoice!), eating at restaurants got old. Since I’ve been home, it’s been such a blur of long work days that I STILL haven’t cooked anything (except pancakes and such for Reed), but I know it will happen soon.

Also happening: ten loads of laundry. Sheesh!

Yes, I still have my knitting projects to finish (you probably already got bored of seeing them over and over again on Instagram while I was gone…), but I know they too will get their turn. Soon, I hope.

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