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You Have Been Forewarned: 7 Important Knitting Lessons I Just Ignored 

Don’t tell me later that you didn’t have fair warning that I would be complaining about this lace pullover for the next decade. Because that’s exactly how long it will probably take me to knit the darn thing–A DECADE.

In fact, let’s just take bets now. Leave a comment with the month and year you predict I will finish this new project. If you’re right, I will send you something cool.

There are so many lessons here that I don’t know where to start.

Lesson 1: Ignoring all the times you have previously suffered the same lapse in judgement.

Lesson 2: Failing to realize you could switch to fingering and perhaps knit a size smaller until AFTER you hastily placed your yarn order.

Lesson 3: Not stopping to think NO FREAKING WAY when your friend suggested you pick a pattern that required nearly 1600 yards of lace weight yarn for your third knitalong. Even if the pullover was cute and had a neckline you’ve always been fond of.

Lesson 4: Again being swayed by the cost-benefit ratio of working with lace. Surely there’s a statistic that correlates broke knitters with a higher likelihood of working with lace. You definitely can entertain (aggravate?) yourself much longer for less money with a lace weight project.

Lesson 5: Not stopping before you’re in too deep. As in, it took you two hours to knit a TINY swatch and you still kept going. Then it took you another two hours to cast on and STILL you crept closer to the edge of the cliff.

Lesson 6: Pretty yarn isn’t enough to justify mitigating circumstances, even if it’s the same color as the wine you will require in abundance to survive this project. With a bit of silk. They do make thicker yarn in the same color, also with silk. Think bigger, knitters. Think bigger.

Lesson 7: Working with 1600 yards of lace negates the beneficial, relaxing qualities otherwise provided by knitting in the first place. Stress reduction? What’s that?

I will stop there. While I am ahead. Because there are so many other aspects of my life in which I am presently behind. Perhaps it will all even out.

Oh, and the name of the pullover I just may finish before Reed graduates from high school (he’s almost five) is Pivot. And get this: it’s seamed.

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