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Take Me to the Party – The Shawl to End All Shawls

This is the Little White Shawl version of the Little Black Dress.

Everyone needs one. I call it Take Me to the Party.

Secret #1: if you start knitting it now, it’ll be done in time for the holiday parties.

Secret #2: it glimmers. There are sequins! Because I am that adult that glances longingly at all the shimmery girls tees in Target and wishes it was more age appropriate for 40 year old women to wear sparkly clothes every day. It’s hard to tell from the still photos, but if you check out my geeky video on YouTube*, you’ll be able to see the shimmer and glitz.

Secret #3: if you can’t handle the sequins, just substitute yarn with the non-sequin variety. No one will ever know.

Take Me to the Party Shawl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

This shawl is perfectly crescent shaped and starts at the top with just a few stitches–my favorite way to start a big project. The stockinette is balanced with texture created from slipped stitches and some subtle eyelet rows. The edges are garter, so nothing will roll, fold, or generally misbehave.

Take Me to the Party Shawl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I held two strands of yarn together, both lace weight. The first was Lang Merino Paillette (that’s where the shimmer comes from), and the second was Isager Alpaca Merino. Together, they result in a surprisingly squishy shawl that will be perfect for warming those bare shoulders left to shiver under your fancy dresses this winter.

Substituting with a single strand of fingering or DK would also work well.

Take Me to the Party Shawl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I am a big fan of knitting with neutral colors that go with everything, like white or black. It’s hard to make such a basic decision given all the gloriously prismatic shades of yarn available these days. But here’s the thing: this shawl goes with almost anything.

Hello wardrobe essential.

Or, be a rebel and knit this in neon pink.

Take Me to the Party Shawl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I think there’s a stereotype that knitting isn’t sexy. Sure, maybe it’s cozy. Or quirky. Or even pretty. But it’s not sexy.

Well, you know what I say: screw that.

Take Me to the Party Shawl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

As with all my patterns, Take Me to the Party has been reviewed by an independent technical editor. Instructions include measurements in both metric and English units. It can be all yours for a mere $6 USD on Ravelry. (Subscribers, check your inbox for a special coupon code to save $2.) If you aren’t in the market for a new shawl pattern quite yet, please take a moment to add it to your favorites (click the little heart in Ravelry) so you can more easily find it when the mood strikes.

Take Me to the Party Shawl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

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As Simple As They Come

Finally. No drama. Something worked.

Okay, a little bit of drama. There was one frogging (too short), one minor panic when I ran out of yarn on the cast off (I used my swatch and came out with a bit to spare), and one incident where I couldn’t find the kitchen scale to figure out how much handspun this baby requires (I borrowed a friends. She also provided wine. It worked out.)

Now, to be clear, I can’t take credit for this lovely handspun. Spinning isn’t my thing (yet). It’s from our friend Beth. I’ve mentioned her before a couple of times. She’s cool. She has sheep and heavy equipment. And motorcycles. I also hear she plays a mean game of golf, but I don’t golf so I couldn’t really attest to that bit. But I believe it.

This is a simple crescent shawl. My own little concoction in-the-works. It’s has a garter edge with a super duper basic stockinette middle (short-row shaping).

It’s all about the yarn, baby. No frills. Just sheep.A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn. This is a one skein wonder. I estimate it was 320 yards (293 m) on size 6 needles.A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn. Here’s the thing I can’t quite get over: I think I prefer the WRONG side. The purl side. I NEVER like the purl side. The color blends look more exciting to me on the wrong side though.

I guess this is what they mean by reversible?A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn. I actually wish I had knit the whole darn thing in garter. This isn’t my typical style, but I think garter is much more suited to the yarn and color transitions. I was a bit weary of doing short rows with garter, but now I know it’s possible.

So…I am on the hunt for more yarn. For an all-garter version. If anyone has a lead on something similar in someone’s random Etsy shop, please let me know in the comments. I’m looking for single ply with a gauge about 5 stitches/in on size 6 needles…Similar color variation. The yarn had a lot of texture, ranging from fat bits to super skinny bits.A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn.

Okay Internet, I’m counting on you. I need more yarn. Please deliver.

*P.S. There’s a new weekly chat up in my Ravelry Group. Join the fun if you haven’t already.

**P.P.S. Don’t forget. Olympic knitting fun starting in just a few weeks (or so). Details next week. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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