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Summer Bucket List of Must Knits

It’s summer time! This summer is bittersweet for me because I just moved to the coast. If you have ever lived or visited somewhere like San Francisco in the summer, you might know what this means.

I will give you a clue: yesterday it was 80 degrees (26.7 C) inland at my OLD home, but here, I bundled up in a fleece and hat just to go on an evening walk because it was FOGGY. The fog was so thick and drippy that I needed to use my WINDSHIELD WIPERS to drive home from a knitting meet up. I have worn similar attire to go down hill skiing. In February.

There were no margaritas.

Instead there were three cups of peppermint tea (with honey).

Now, I will spare you further complaining about the horrendously horrible summer weather except to note that the knit I have been wearing every evening and morning just to stay warm INSIDE my own house is my worsted weight Sheltered Poncho. Thus,  I have a sudden and urgent need for an abundance of pullovers and warm layers. In the summer.

The Pullovers

Lesley by Hannah Fettig

If you have been with me for a while, you may note this pullover has been on my bucket list for a LONG TIME. Indeed Lesley has been on more than one bucket list. I still stand by my unwavering obsession with Hannah Fettig’s 2015 collection Home & Away  (still available on Amazon) and remain committed to knit all. the. patterns. I can FINALLY say the yarn has been ordered, the swatch is soaking, and I will soon have another layer to help me survive summer.

Riverside by Asita Krebs

Back to pullovers, because–let’s be realistic–I need more warm layers! I forget where I stumbled upon Riverside. It’s actually a free pattern that uses top down, seamless construction. It’s knit in the round.


All my favorites. Plus the pattern calls for Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light although I bet I can find a similar variegated fingering weight yarn from my posse of indie yarn dyers. I might skip the texture at the bottom and just stick with stockinette. I hate to draw attention to my hips. Invisible = bettter.


Twist Shawl by Little Ol’ Me

This summer, I am also reworking my Twist Shawl design. I am about halfway through and haven’t uncovered any glaring errors (relief). I have made a few minor adjustments to the first handful of rows that will be included in a free pattern update to everyone who has already purchased the pattern.

Sizzle Pop by Lesley Anne Robinson

I am STILL itching to try brioche (Learning the technique is on my bucket list for THE ENTIRE YEAR).  I have spent hours  that I didn’t actually have browsing options on Ravelry. I think I have possibly decided on Sizzle Pop, which I remember sharing on my Facebook page a while back. What do you think?!?!


Circular Yoke Summer Shirt by Purl Soho

I don’t think I have yet to meet a Purl Soho design that I didn’t love. This new summer shirt is no exception. It seems very versatile and simple. But cute. It’s on my list, for sure! On days when the fog lifts, I have been wearing my recently completed Riverton Tee. There’s hope for me and short sleeves yet!

Where ever you are, I hope your own version of summer is treating you well. I don’t care if you’re drinking tea (hot or iced) or slurping mojitos through a straw. Just as long as you are knitting!

P.S. In case you missed it last year, my 2016 summer bucket list is here.

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Note: All photo credits revert to the respective designers. I share their photos here in an effort to positively promote their designs.