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We’re Accomplishing Things Like Crazy Over Here! Twist Cowl Pattern Update

Hold on to your needles, folks!

I have begun systematically reworking all my earliest pre-tech editor patterns to make sure my Ravelry catalog is absolutely perfect, knitter-friendly, and as clearly written as possible. After months of work, the Twist Cowl pattern has been updated on Ravelry!

I first published the Twist Cowl almost two years ago, and it has been a solid pattern. I’m particularly proud of this design. I worked hard on it, it’s been places with me (on so many levels!), and, most importantly, it’s a gorgeous, timeless knit. Unlike other early patterns I have revisited, I didn’t encounter any mistakes but still did some tweaking. I tightened up the gauge, added a small number of cast on stitches to rebalance the finished width, and increased the recommended length.


…The whopper update is the new two-side option. The pattern now includes instructions for knitting a double sided Twist Cowl! This means no wrong side (which I REALLY love). Extra warmth.

The pattern is very wearable and knit-able either way.

The Twist Cowl is knit back and forth, similar to a standard scarf, before grafting to join with the kitchener stitch (search YouTube if that’s a new technique for you, but I KNOW you can do it!). The two-sided option is worked in the round.

I’ve also made a quick video tutorial showing how to work the main twist stitch, available here, in addition to the video overview embedded in the top of this post.

Like the original, the updated Twist Cowl pattern is knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (Rose colorway). The one-side option requires about one skein. Dig out two skeins for the double sided option. Substitutions with fingering and sock weight yarns should work up just fine.  If you’ve already purchased this pattern, you should have received an auto-alert from Ravelry with a link to the downloaded pattern at no additional cost. If you haven’t already purchased this pattern, well, what are you waiting for?!?!?  (Subscribers, check your inbox for a Super Special discount code!). 

The updated Twist Cowl pattern is available on Ravelry for $5 USD here. Enjoy and thank you!

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Tune Ups

One of my goals for the year is to update and triple check my earliest patterns to make sure they are ABSOLUTELY perfect. No mistakes.

Because I don’t have enough to do.

I took my original Twist Cowl pattern with me to Panama, figuring it would be a good travel knit.

It was.

I used the same yarn (Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light), tightened up the gauge, added some length, and developed a double sided option with no “wrong side.”

Once the photo shoot (with an actual human being) is complete, the updated pattern will be uploaded to Ravelry and automatically distributed to everyone who purchased the original pattern.

Thankfully, unlike when I reworked my baby hat pattern, I didn’t come across any glaring errors in the original version and all was generally well.

At least I have that going for my ego.

All the same, the updated version received a good scrub from my tech editor, just to be sure.

I love Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light and have used it often over the past several years. There are so many colors to choose from! My local yarn shops don’t carry Mad Tosh (sad!), but I do purchase it online as needed. I will say I did a thorough internet search of my favorite places to buy yarn online with free shipping (Websters, based in Ashland, OR, which is nearly local, and but found Jimmy Bean’s Wools (which I don’t usually use) BY FAR had the MOST SUBSTANTIAL selection of Mad Tosh Merino Light colorways. Impressive and overwhelming all at once.

Just saying, in case you’re also in the market…

Given I am banned from using grey this year (oh, the pain!), I thinking I am turning to pale pinks as my new go to quasi-neutral (okay, not at all neutral) addiction.

This cowl is one of my favorites because it so so simple (mostly stockinette) with some interesting but not too busy stitch texture thrown in the mix.

(Speaking of texture, did you know Hannah Fettig’s newest book Texture hit Amazon? Or check your LYS to shop local. $24 well spent!)

I designed the original Twist Cowl almost exactly two years ago when we last vacation (Hawaii) and nearly no one had discovered this quirky knitting space. Apparently I had yet to discover Lightroom because those early photos aren’t exactly impressive. Nonetheless, here we are, two years later, together. Polishing things up a bit and aiming for the stars.

Because we all have a little sparkle going on in that wool.

A Cowl to Gift

I live in the middle of nowhere. Rural. Remote. An hour’s drive to a respectable grocery store.

More on this another day.

Thankfully our small mountain town is home to lots of other young families, and I have been fortunate to meet other new moms with children similar in age to my own dear son. We rendezvous at the park from time to time and watch the kids play. We bring picnic snacks for the kiddos and, sometimes, champagne for the mamas.

Because what is a play date without champagne?

I knew you would understand.

One of these mamas had a birthday the other day. I love gifting my hand knits to my special girlfriends for birthdays and other special occasions. My Twist Cowl prototype seemed like just the right fit. I am still working on a final version of the pattern with edges that don’t curl quite so much (a pet peeve of mine), but the prototype offers a sneak peak of the overall look. The pattern is themed after my Twist Shawl pattern.

Knitting March 15 006

For the most part, I adore this new cowl pattern. Simple yet graceful. Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light is one of my absolute favorite yarns. So soft and buttery. This particular cowl is in the Golden Hickory colorway.

Knitting March 15 001

Stay tuned for the final pattern later this spring.

Many thanks to the birthday girl for being such a super fabulous cowl model.

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