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The Endless Pursuit of Perfection: Updating the Twist Shawl

Perfection is an exhaustive pursuit.

As always, what was supposed to be easy-peasy design tweak didn’t exactly go as planned.

Because what ever goes as planned?



My carefully devised design release/knit production schedule?

Well.  I tried.

Note to self: don’t forget to update The Schedule. Two-month delay.

My quick and simple Twist Shawl update was fairly quick (six-ish weeks of hard core knitting), but missed the mark of perfection.

Of course.

I am trying to alter the shape a bit so it is more crescent-y and less triangular-y, although I think a lot of that is influenced by yarn choice (superwash vs. non-superwash) and blocking. All the same, perfect it must be!

While there was improvement, I still fell short of perfection.

Why: subtle adjustments result in subtle changes. Too subtle.

You want big results? Whelp, I guess you (I) have to go big!

There’s a lesson there: don’t hold back in life. Your shawls will end up the wrong shape. Although, as a consolation, they will drape well when worn (imperfect shape hardly evident).

I worked this baby up in The Fibre Company’s Cumbria (Cowberry) colorway. It’s going to be a gift for my mom. I think she’ll like the color, but I can’t say she’s much of a shawl person. Fashionable, she is not. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have more fingering yarn ready to cake, ready for Try 2. I ended up with speckles On Accident, but I think everything will work out just fine in the end. (The universe acts in mysterious ways.)

I may be many things (fabulous, snarky, nonathletic), but a quitter I am NOT. Count down to Cast On.

There’s a pot of gold at the end of this Twist Shawl rainbow. I just know it.

P.S. Have you discovered my Facebook page, in case you need minor injections of snark between blog posts. Just saying.

Twist Shawl Now Available in Spanish

If I ever win the lottery, I think I would travel aimlessly around the world and learn different languages, even if they aren’t “useful.” (Also, I would get a massage every day.)

First, of course, I would learn Italian while wandering cobbled streets of some ancient city, taste testing gelato.

I would love to give learning Thai a try also. Although it seems like that would be more difficult.

And perhaps Japanese.

The list goes on, but eventually I would make my way to Spain and resurrect my passion for a language I once knew well: Spanish.

Spanish is such a great language. English grammar totally baffled me until I learned Spanish. Isn’t that weird?

All the same, my favorite Twist Shawl pattern has now been translated into Spanish, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Knitters of the world unite.


Enjoy ladies. Enjoy.


Translating the Twist Shawl

Good news, ladies. Good news.

My favorite Twist Shawl pattern has been successfully translated into German and Dutch.

Thus, if you know anyone who does not speak English and instead prefers their knitting patterns in one of those two languages, please spread the word.




I have been wanting to translate some of my patterns for a while now. As in, two years kind-of-a-while.


All good things take time.

How many more years until I actually clean out and organize the hall closet? Let’s not even go there…


One day I just got the itch and, with great uncertainty, posted in a couple of random threads in Ravelry forums, and BAM! Within a matter of hours, I had emails from knitters around the world offering up their services.

Ravelry is amazing that way. I was so surprised. It was my first time using a forum. I had no idea what to expect. Apparently the forums are well used, granted I did offer to pay for the translations, which perhaps boosted my response rate.

All the same. Wow.

I am still holding my breath to see if the translations pay off. Either way, I am proud of myself for finally getting it together to take the big leap.


I find myself so struck by how the world is really one great big place held together by threads of yarn–people knitting from all over the globe. A common language of shared stitches. Global peace may still be a ways out. But global knitting, well, that is alive and well.

Alive and well.

Peace, harmony, and happy knitting from one continent to another.


A Second Twist

Hopefully you are reading this (a) snuggled up in the coziest of throws on the sofa, (b) from the white sand beach of a remote tropical island, (c) holding a sparkling bubbly cocktail, ideally one containing fresh fruit and lime, or (d) something else Super Fabulous (possibly involving chocolate?)

Question: what should be my policy on eating chocolate pudding for breakfast. Do or Don’t?

I say Do, right?

Of all the patterns I have designed so far, the Twist Shawl has been the most successful in so many ways. The original Twist was knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (which I love!), but I had two skeins of the heavier Tosh Merino DK  in the  William Morns colorway in my stash for a couple of years now. I decided to use them up for a second Twist.

[Side note: Isn’t William Morns kind of a dark name for a colorway? I wonder…]

DSC_0048 Twist #2 came out lovely, if do say so myself. The yarn is a bit heavier (obviously) and not quite as soft as the Tosh Merino Light, but definitely feels good to drape over my shoulders on a crisp evening.

DSC_0049 If you are looking for a simple but not boring crescent shawl pattern to knit, I do hope you will give the Twist Shawl pattern a try.

Hawaii Knitting

Oh how I suffer.

I am in Hawaii at present. The Big Island. The “rainy” side. It must be a drought, as I’ve seen only a few drops of precipitation.

Surely I just jinxed myself. It will now proceed to pour for the balance of our trip.

I am knitting another Twist Shawl. I loved my original so much, but alas it was destined to be a (late!) holiday gift for a family member.

My only choice: knit another! Just for me.
IMG_1316.JPGThe original Twist Shawl was knit with a fingering weight yarn. I am using something heavier now (Madelinetosh something or other…I am guessing Sport or DK…alas the tag did not make the trip, and the yarn has been in my stash for a couple of years now so of course I simply do not recall).

The heavier yarn has a different feel, but I like it. It feels like I am knitting up winter even though I am basking in 80 degrees like a turtle. I expect to wrap this baby up tonight but will wait to block and pin when I get home. Hopefully a new shawl will soften the blow of arriving home to rain, snow, and cold.

But I doubt it.

I think I will just stay here forever.

Have I mentioned yet it’s my dream to move to Hawaii and open a Little Yarn Shop?


More on that later…

Pattern Release: Twist Shawl

The Twist Shawl is the first pattern I have officially released on this new blog. It is also my favorite pattern I have designed to date. I am so proud of the finished product and truly feel good about sharing this design with fellow knitters. The pattern can be found in my Ravelry store as well as my Etsy store.


I love this pattern for so many reasons. It is simple yet striking and starts with casting on just six stitches. I tend to grumble when I have to cast on zillions of stitches. Although, I am a grumbler in general, so that might not be saying much.


Essentially this pattern is knit in stockinette with rows of twists every ten stitches created by transferring stitches onto a double pointed needle and rotating. Easy peasy! Yet sexy. All your friends will be AMAZED at your talent, and all the while you’ll be thinking: but it was so easy…if only you knew!


Edges are finished as you knit with a simple yet polished slip stitch edge.


I knit this version of Twist with Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the Opaline colorway. I had a skein and a half leftover from my version of Featherweight that I knit last summer, so I decided to put it to use with this design. Twist is flexible and can be knit with various yarn weight/needle combinations. The number of pattern repeats can also be adjusted to create a finished garment that is sized as desired.

Happy knitting!

Twist Shawl

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