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The Best Hat Ever

The name speaks for itself.

I am so incredibly excited to be releasing my most recent pattern: the Best Hat Ever.

The name speaks for itself.

The name says it all.


This hat has it all. Simple. Fun. Stylish. Just different enough to be exciting. Not so difficult as to cause undue stress, misery, or tears.

A perfect Just Because knit. A timely only-two-months-left-of-holiday-knitting-holly-crap!!! knit. Or, my-best-girlfriend-deserves-something-special knit.

Whatever your fancy, this hat is a winner.

Scout’s honor.

Choose to embellish the Best Hat Ever with a knitted flower or forego the accessory to the accessory. The hat works either way. It’s like deciding between merlot and pinot noir. You simply can’t go wrong.

The textured brim, a simple combination of knit and slipped stitches, is divided from the clean, upper stockinette section with a single round of knitted chain stitch. Step by step written instructions are included in the pattern.

Of course.

This hat is sized to fit an adult woman but can easily be adjusted by changing the cast on in multiples of ten. Easy peasy.

Big head? No problem.

Want to knit one for your young daughter? Don’t sweat.

For pattern development, I used Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Fallencloud on size 6 (4 mm) needles, but the pattern is flexible and can be knitted with other yarns.

All instructions are provided in both English and metric units. This is the first time I have offered a pattern that actually looks sharp and professional. Hello, graphic design! Works wonders. I can’t wait to reformat my earlier patterns. Even a knitting pattern needs a little spruce up now and then.

You can find the Best Hat Ever on Ravelry for $3.00 USD.


Joining Ginny.

33 thoughts on “The Best Hat Ever

  1. Oh I love that hat! Super cute 🙂

    1. Thanks Tina! Enjoy your knitting today!

  2. the hat is great–I love hats constructed like this one with a terrific band that’s not too tight. And your photos are beautiful–awesome light 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Please come again soon!

  3. It’s adorable!

    1. Thanks Donna! I appreciate the support!

  4. I’m sold! It’s adorable, I really love the chain stitch dividing the brim and body! Cute!!

    1. The chain stitch is my favorite…I spent a lot of time trying to work that particular bit out. Happy knitting Sarah!

  5. that is indeed a pretty gorgeous hat- I bet it is the best hat ever! Love the embellishment option, too.

    1. Thanks dear Julie. It feels so great to have your support. Much appreciated.

  6. That is really sweet. What a wonderful job designing.

    1. Thanks Tonya. I look forward to checking out your blog!

  7. Awesome hat! Although I wouldn’t be able to resist adding a pompom…

    1. Please do add a pom pom and send me photos!

  8. Excellent work – and great photos. 🙂

  9. cute hat, excellent beach!

    1. That is one of my favorite beaches. I have spent a lot of time there over the years.

  10. It looks like a keeper! I like it a lot!

  11. That IS a super cute hat!!

    1. Thanks Abbie. I am excited about it!

  12. beautiful!!! I love the way it fits 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen. My beautiful friend Anna was my model, and it does fit her well. I think a paper bag would look gorgeous on her head… I am eager to see how it knits up for everyone!

  13. Congratulations on the pattern release!!! It is beautiful! It has this vintage feeling about it that I just adore!

    1. Thanks. I was going for a bit of a vintage vibe, so I am glad that comes through a bit. Happy knitting Alina!

  14. Your Best Hat Ever is fabulous! Can’t wait to progress far enough with my knitting classes to be able to make this. Beautiful design.

    1. Thank you! You will be there in no time!

  15. I absolutely love this pattern! Looks simple to make but cozy and beautiful. I’ll be adding it to my library!

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  17. Very cute! I love the photos and the yarn you chose.

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