The Most Important Hat

Knitting for toddlers can be tricky business. Last year, I knit my son Reed his second hat (the first was knit before he was born), and it wasn’t too warmly received. He’s sported it a handful of times, most notably on a summer camping trip with super chilly nights. Over all, it seemed like he could take it or leave it.  

Earlier this spring, I knit two pairs of the Purl Soho garter stitch earflap hats for girlfriends who recently birthed new children. Reed was my knitwear model.

Apparently the hat caught on, because he spent a month randomly asking when I was going to knit him a hat. We’d be driving down the highway, and I’d hear a tiny voice from the back seat inquire, Mama knit me hat?

His lack of a new hat seemed to be wearing on him…He pondered this missing accessory with great persistence. And what kind of a mother was I? Knitting new hats for everyone except my own child?  

After a solid month of inquiry, I sat down and knit his hat, which was warmly received, bless his little heart.

I found the yarn in my scrap basket.  It was unlabeled, and I could not for the life of me remember what I had knit with the first half of the skein. It was like watching a movie where you recognize the actor from somewhere but you spend the entire movie trying to figure out where. You know that feeling, right? 

 Finally, it hit me just as I was wrapping up the hat. The skein was  Swans Island Natural Colors Merino Worsted left over from my demo pair of Coon Creek Fingerless Gloves. 

My brain does work after all. 




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