The Poncho, Baby

Or maybe it’s a wrap.

Either way. It’s done.

A simple poncho knit from a seamed rectangle.Now, I’ll be honest. This is my first “poncho.” I kinda cheated. It’s a seamed rectangle. This may or may not technically qualify as a poncho. Call it will you will. I like it.

It’s like a shawl. That you don’t have to wrap around and situate just so. It will never fall off your shoulders. It stays put. Like a blanket that you wear, but better. More stylish.

I love this thing, and I already know that I am going to live in it just as soon as the temperature drops this fall.

(Speaking of ponchos, did you see the pattern Drea Renee just released? Oh my goodness. I swoon. This will definitely be on my forthcoming Fall Bucket List of must knits. Seriously. Check it out.)

A simple poncho knit from a seamed rectangle.

This poncho wrap thing is knit in a DK weight 100% alpaca. The pattern is sized small through extra large, which will require 700 to 1,300 yards (640 to 1,189 meters) of yarn.

The pattern itself requires cabling. I found this stressful at first but quickly learned (based on reader encouragement) to cable without a cable needle. The pattern includes my own personal technique for this little trick, although many methods exist on YouTube and other handy digital knitting references.

A simple poncho knit from a seamed rectangle.

Seaming is easy (the mattress stich), and there is a wee bit of I-cord finishing. Nothing too intense.

A simple poncho knit from a seamed rectangle.

I LOVE the neckline. Perfect drape. No weird rolling or folding.

A simple poncho knit from a seamed rectangle.

I’m on the prowl for testers, so shoot me an email if you are interested. Yarn substitutions are fine. The pattern has already been tech edited. I learned this the HARD WAY during my last test knit when I sent out the first version of the pattern written for back and forth knitting when it was supposed to be knit in the round. I fainted. Seriously. Most mortifying moment ever when I realized my mistake. NEVER AGAIN. (My email address is on the Contact tab at the top of the page. Thanks!)

With a little luck (and hard work) the pattern will be ready for release this fall.

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