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Knit Early and Often

Things that make me grouchy:

  1. Not being able to knit every day.
  2. Not being able to walk or exercise every non-working day.  (I just spontaneously bought this GoKnit pouch to finally try walking and knitting socks. I believe this might fall under the category of two birds with one stone. Or, a future broken ankle. Remains to be seen.)
  3. Not enough knitting time every day (yes, this is different than #!).
  4. Lamenting that I don’t have more time to knit, wondering how I can swindle more time to knit, and feeling hopeless that there is no possible way I can come up with more time to knit (also different than #1 and #2).
  5. A lack of a second pair of hands (so I can knit two projects at once).
  6. Lace that unravels explosively just when you are almost finished knitting a long and complicated lace section (I promise to tell you all about this soon). It’s tragically amazing how quickly the light at the end of the tunnel can extinguish into a bleak, miasma of tangled yarn.
  7. Spending eight months working on a top and then the final two weeks fretting that it looks too long (or too…something).
  8. Five active knitting projects on the needles (or close to the needles), all of which are in various stages of incomplete and not quite right. My only upcoming hope for minor knitting success: toddler socks. One must find redemption wherever one can. Even if it is knitting a dish cloth. Or stockinette hat. There is no such thing as a knitting project that is too easy, as long as it is finished.
  9. Insufficient levels of sleep, chocolate, and quiet time, which often lead to failure to correctly read a pattern such at K1, P3 can easily become P1, K3 for 30 rows until you (uh humI) have realized your (my) fatal error.
  10. Not being able to knit every day (yes, this is the SAME as #1 but was worth repeating, in my opinion)

Can you tell I am trying to figure out how to rework my life to wiggle in more time for knitting? So far, it’s looking bleak.

I know self-driving cars are quite controversial, but I really do hope they figure them out soon in a super safe and affordable sort of way. That would add a minimum of six hours of knitting time to my life. Now, that is something I could get behind.


On the upside (because I am forever the optimist):

The swatch is for my Rosemont Carigan office knit-a-long is complete. My coworker has a head start and is already approaching the arms! Eep! I swore to myself that I had to first finish my Waterlily Tee (this weekend ???) before I can cast on another top. I loved working with Quince & Co. Lark during swatching. So squishy! I am really looking forward to this project. I have already decided that I want to use Lark to knit a second (and properly sized Kitty’s Chemise).


In the mean time, off I go to prioritize my knitting projects. Time to make some lists. Just soon as I can find my sparkly pink gel pen. Because what knitter doesn’t feel inspired by a sparkly pink gel pen?



I am proudly joining Ginny’s Yarn Along. Reading Where Did You Go, Bernadette: A Novel (which I absolutely can’t put down…even at 3:00 a.m.)

10 thoughts on “Knit Early and Often

  1. you’re reading a really good book. I find it funny that when I’m knitting and enjoying a current project I day dream about a possible future project. I do this every single time. I try not to have more than five projects on the needles. Four is comfortable. Six is right out, impossible!!

  2. Love this post. I started working full time in an office a few months ago (after working freelance from home for 13 years) and I am STRUGGLING with the lack of knitting time during the day!!!!!!!!! It’s killing me! Love your list. And the book you’re reading is a great one. Loved the landslide part. Happy knitting and reading.

  3. There is never enough time to knit! My husband picks on me for bringing my knitting in the car when we are just running to the store; I figure, a few more rows is a few more rows 🙂 Here’s to finding the extra chocolate and quiet time you need. Happy knitting!

  4. What a beautiful shade of green. It will become a stunning cardigan! I think I cannot really give a piece of advice how to create more knitting time, as I don’t have children and I obviously have no idea how much time it takes (in my mind they are always sleeping :)), but what works for me is knitting at dawn, 5 – 5.30 in the morning when the whole world is still asleep and I still have time before going to work.

  5. I love that green, too! And I’m feeling so similarly about wanting more time to knit and spin and basically just look at and touch wool. I try to think of it as a blessing to have found something I love to do so, so much – but I totally get grouchy about it, too. Do you have Forsythia blooming near you? I love it so much, but we probably have quite a few weeks to go before we see it here in Minnesota.

  6. That green is so pretty! Walking and knitting…I am sure to bungle that up…or fall a lot. I love a book that you can’t put down even at 3am, those are my favorites actually!

  7. I so agree with all of this! Although I do not personally know about the exploding lace problem. I am so excited for self driving cars too!! I can’t wait- every knitter will want one.

  8. Love your swatch and I agree with all of your points! Especially the self driving car.

  9. Maybe the knitting and walking is the answer. Our forebears did it all the time – so hopefully the broken ankle won’t happen.

  10. I know something is wrong it I don’t have projects on the needles! I actually get cranky and the like . You and i sound very similar! I enjoyed the post

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