Time to Brighten Your Day: July Cocktail Night! Moscow Mules with Fresh Berries!

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Here’s my question for you: are Moscow Mules supposed to have fresh mint, or not? I always thought mint was an ESSENTIAL ingredient in a mule, until a friend posted a photo of an alleged Moscow Mule on Facebook. With no mint.

Just imagine the debate the ensured on that one.

To be honest, it was Oprah who first turned me on to the Moscow Mule back when she went camping with Gayle in Yosemite. Remember that? I will say this: Oprah knows what’s up. This is one of my all-time favorites.

I love gingerale. I love lime. I love fresh mint.

And of course I always add fresh fruit.

I made these a while back with fresh raspberries, but decked out the most recent batch with fresh hand-picked blackberries.


I also love Moscow Mules because you can always whip one up when a friend drops by unexpectedly, provided you have a small mint patch on the premises (which of course I always do) and stock gingerale. (I have to hide the gingerale from myself or I sneak it when I am having a sugar craving…)

Cocktail-Knitting night with free Moscow Mule recipe.

In other news…

I know I am behind, but I finally got my veggie garden going again. Gardening is one of those things I just can’t help myself from pursuing. If I see dirt, I have to hurry up and stick a plant in it. (I think this is similar to the insatiable urge to hurry up and grab my knitting to fill every idle moment of sitting…)

I’m keeping the garden simple due to the late start and lack of time and energy. Plus I already have an abundance of flower beds that require maintenance and care. I threw in four giant pumpkin starts and hope they do well for a late October pumpkin party. I think Reed will really like that, and I suspect they will be hearty and self-sufficient enough to thrive on their own without much care from me.

I also brought home some peas, beans, spinach, and artichokes. I thought Reed would love to help me plant them, but I guess gardening has already lost its romance with him.

He said: you can do it, mom. 

He has, however, delighted in his responsibility as Chief Garden Waterer, which mostly entails squirting me with the hose as I shout various versions of NO, STOP, and WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME?!?!?!, all drowned out by his naughty little giggle of delight.

Mr. Big Shot.

Eventually I have to heard him into the shower to wash off all the mud (I seem to lose 3% of my topsoil per garden watering session…). Sometimes this is when I sneak in washing the dishes and other chores. Or, if I am good, I pick up my Lesley sweater and knock out a few rows.

July cocktail-knitting night with Andrea @ This Knitted Life: Moscow mule with fresh raspberries and mint.

I do truly hope you enjoy this recipe this weekend and are able to carve out a few minutes for yourself to sit with your knitting in a sunny spot and sip. Feet up. At peace.

It’s simply the only way to go.

Happy Sunday!!!

Moscow Mules with Fresh Raspberries


2 oz. respectable Vodka (I use a brand from one of our several local distilleries.)

8 oz. gingerale

Fresh mint

1/2 fresh lime

Fresh raspberries (or blackberries…or any berry!)

To make:

Muddle lime, mint, and a few berries in the bottom of your glass. Add vodka. Fill glass with ice. Top with gingerale and stir a bit. Load the top of the glass with berries and a spring of mint.

*Disclaimer: This recipe is for adults that meet the legal drinking age requirements of their respective nations. Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Alcoholism is a very serious disease. Please seek support if you need it. Drinking is very likely to impact your stitch count and may generally result in extensive frogging, so go easy.

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