To Be Unraveled

If this photograph didn’t exist, no one would ever know this mostly-complete hat once had a home on this earth. I unraveled it.

I cast on this hat no less than eight times before I nearly-finished. It took a few tries to get the earflaps just right…and then there was the time, sleep deprived, that I knit several inches before realizing that my work was twisted. Complete amateur error. There were many rounds knit before tinking back. Lots of tinking back, actually. A lot, a lot.

In the end, I got what I needed. A mock up for a pattern. Now I know what to adjust. More stitches here. Different increase technique there. A little more length at the top. Adjustments. A means to perfection. I hope.

I almost finished this hat. I was about to weave in ends…add the finishing touches. Just because. It was a hat, as imperfect as it may have been. It fit on my had. It was. Not quite a living, breathing thing, but almost. And it seemed a bit of a sin to unravel the thing that, in all actuality, was something. Something that took me hours and hours and hours, as flawed as it was.

But I paused.

When would I do with a less-than-perfect hat? Wear it when no one was looking? Early morning walks when only the birds are up? I already have hats for that. So I unraveled it. I will reuse the yarn for Version 10. Or maybe it is Version 11. I lost count.

Even though I had already ordered a second skein, preempting my wisdom to simply reuse the skin I already possessed, now rewound.  I suppose it is easy to succumb to a bit of trigger finger when it comes to yarn purchases online. Although I have a second hat design in mind now, having been inspired by Versions 1 though 10 of this baby. Funny how one attempt at an art form births inspiration for a second.


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