Translating the Twist Shawl

Good news, ladies. Good news.

My favorite Twist Shawl pattern has been successfully translated into German and Dutch.

Thus, if you know anyone who does not speak English and instead prefers their knitting patterns in one of those two languages, please spread the word.




I have been wanting to translate some of my patterns for a while now. As in, two years kind-of-a-while.


All good things take time.

How many more years until I actually clean out and organize the hall closet? Let’s not even go there…


One day I just got the itch and, with great uncertainty, posted in a couple of random threads in Ravelry forums, and BAM! Within a matter of hours, I had emails from knitters around the world offering up their services.

Ravelry is amazing that way. I was so surprised. It was my first time using a forum. I had no idea what to expect. Apparently the forums are well used, granted I did offer to pay for the translations, which perhaps boosted my response rate.

All the same. Wow.

I am still holding my breath to see if the translations pay off. Either way, I am proud of myself for finally getting it together to take the big leap.


I find myself so struck by how the world is really one great big place held together by threads of yarn–people knitting from all over the globe. A common language of shared stitches. Global peace may still be a ways out. But global knitting, well, that is alive and well.

Alive and well.

Peace, harmony, and happy knitting from one continent to another.


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