True or False

An easy-folded style poncho in the works. Malabrigo Worsted in Polar Moon.

True or False: I currently have two grey ponchos on my needles.


True or False: On top of the grey Stoneland Poncho I already knit this year.

(Also true.)

True or False: I have had this little issue of knitting entirely in grey before.

(True, too.)

True of False: This is because grey is a lovely neutral, I love wearing grey, and it photographs well. Whereas black, which I also love to wear, doesn’t photograph well and isn’t quite as satisfying to knit with.


True or False: I am not concerned with having three (new) grey ponchos.

(Outwardly, true. Inwardly, a little concerned. But I don’t want to talk about it.)

True of False: I feel like my knitting time has been unusually limited of late, and it’s making me grouchy.

(Very true.)

True or False: And my house is still a mess!

(True again.)

True or False: This particular poncho uses a similar stitch pattern as my Twist Shawl and Twist Cowl, two of my all time favorites. Now there will be a Twist Poncho.

(True. Because after spending five zillion hours flipping through stitch dictionaries, sometimes I just have to go with what you know and love. Especially if it has been a couple years since you last knit the ol’ Twist.)

True or False: The twists will flatten a bit with blocking.

(True. Boring question. But significant.)

True or False: That’s Malabrigo Worsted in Polar Moon. 200 yards (183 m) for $12 USD. What a steal for a super soft, squishy yarn.

(Very true on all counts.)

True or False: I am joining the Yarn Along this week.

(True! Ever and always.)

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