Twist Shawl Now Available in Spanish

If I ever win the lottery, I think I would travel aimlessly around the world and learn different languages, even if they aren’t “useful.” (Also, I would get a massage every day.)

First, of course, I would learn Italian while wandering cobbled streets of some ancient city, taste testing gelato.

I would love to give learning Thai a try also. Although it seems like that would be more difficult.

And perhaps Japanese.

The list goes on, but eventually I would make my way to Spain and resurrect my passion for a language I once knew well: Spanish.

Spanish is such a great language. English grammar totally baffled me until I learned Spanish. Isn’t that weird?

All the same, my favorite Twist Shawl pattern has now been translated into Spanish, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Knitters of the world unite.


Enjoy ladies. Enjoy.


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