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The Simple Solution to Too Many Scarves and Shawls You Won’t Want to Miss

I am fairly certain that I live under a rock.

Honestly, it’s a miracle I know how to use a smart phone. I think Reed is better with Siri than I am. (He’s not quite five…).

I mean, the things they’ve invented these days. I just can’t keep up.


If you’re like me and you’ve been knitting for a while, you accumulate a lot of wrappy things like scarves and shawls. Or cowls. It’s a hazard of the hobby/art/passion, and I’ve long since accepted the fact that my life if overflowing with woolly things.*

It’s pretty standard to walk into my house and see a shawl thrown over a chair here or lumped into a pile on a table there. I have cowls shoved into my purse and drawers filled with hats and sweaters. It’s a little chaotic, and I doubt Martha Stewart would be impressed.

This is nothing new. I’ve been grappling with knitwear organization for a while now. I’ve also been trying to work out: how to overcome my addiction to high-quality chocolate, how to exercise while I am sleeping, and how to knit while I am sleeping. (Basically I want to figure out how to do everything while I am sleeping…)

So. One day earlier this year, I am in Target** on a mission to purchase REGULAR hangers to accommodate my Big Move when something catches my eye in that Holy Crap kind of way.

Kind of like when you are in a yarn store and see a flashing sign indicating your favorite yarn is free that day.

I see a Scarf Hanger.

Who knew there was such a thing!?!!? (Yes, I am sure you already knew, but I didn’t know…so please don’t rub it in…)

For $10, my scarf-shawl-cowl drama got a little less dramatic.

I love this thing!

Seriously, it has made my scarf-shawl-cowl organization SO much better. There’s a whole variety of them on Amazon here. Ten bucks will get a long ways toward containing your bursting knitwear collection.

I’m just saying…make a little wiggle room in your budget for one (or four) of these little guys.

I love it because:

  1. You can see all your accessories at once.
  2. You can pull out just one shawl and the others stay put.
  3. It’s a space saver.
  4. It makes me feel like Martha Stewart might not judge me so harshly after all.
  5. It now seems only logical to CONTINUE knitting scarves-shawls-cowls even though I already own too many.

My scarf hanger has nine holes, although some of the Amazon variety have EVEN MORE holes. I can actually put a couple scarves in each hole without losing too much function.

Now, tell me what else they’ve invented that I don’t know about yet!

*And I know I am not alone, as a very nice woman at knit night recently shared the entire space under her bed is filled with worsted weight sweaters she knit when she lived in a colder region.

**Is it un-P.C. to admit that Target is one of my favorite places on Earth even though I know everything is made in China using slave labor and ecosystem pillage to make zillions of dollars at the expense of everyone else on the planet?

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8 thoughts on “The Simple Solution to Too Many Scarves and Shawls You Won’t Want to Miss

  1. I had never heard of them either, probably because my 5 year old turned 28 when I wasn’t paying attention and so am out of the loop on everything!

  2. That contraption certainly helps. Yay on solving that organization issue.

  3. well well, aren’t you clever! I like how you can see all of them and can pick what you want without any falling down 🙂

  4. Sometimes there really is a product that solves a storage problem- thanks for reminding me those things existed!

  5. I actually knew these things existed. You usually see them used for silk scarfs and the like. Which is why never bought one because I don’t wear those. I never actually thought of using them for my knitted shawls and scarfs… Even though it’s kind of obvious now… *facepalm*

    1. Hey, no worries. We all have our own version of a black hole. I have MANY.

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