Valentines Knits for Even the Most Bitter

Valentines knits for even the most bitter. Tis the season for chocolate and wine. Regardless of the whole love situation.

Valentines Day has never exactly been my favorite holiday. Although I do like the chocolates. Otherwise, meh. Call me bitter. I am.

This year is a bit different for some reason. I think it’s Reed. He wanted another party. Apparently he didn’t get his fix back in December for his birthday.

I told him if he was good, he could have a Valentine’s Party. Oh did he light up with a glow specific only to a young child who knows they have cake and cookies in their future. It’s cute to watch.

Although I did have to explain that his party would not include innumerable gifts. I think he gets it.


His little friends have been invited. Via text. I know. I KNOW. I had visions of some adorable toddler craft session to make invitations. You know, where I would be INCREDIBLY patient with scissors and glue sticks and layers upon layers of paper hearts and glitter glue.  I wouldn’t snap even once (Don’t touch anything!) and would calmly direct hand washing at the end of the project (Wash your hands RIGHT NOW or I will never feed you ever again!) But it didn’t happen.

We have two weeks left for party plotting. Already the menu is set: heart-shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles, cake and chocolate frosting (also with sprinkles), and tacos with the fixings. Also: red wine for moms and qualifying dads.

I can’t wait. I hate to admit.

DSC_0009The enthusiasm must be spreading because I impulsively started a Valentines Board on Pinterest, which I have been curating with bizarre dedication to all things in the appropriate color spectrum or otherwise related to hearts. Don’t panic if you don’t have it in you to obsessively bust out a red sweater in the next two weeks. A knitted garland of hearts might be more up your alley. There’s something there for everyone, even the bitter among the knitting ranks. I promise. Take a peak.


I also somewhat (okay, completely) impulsively decided I am going to knit myself a pair of these mittens for Valentines Day. When I knit up a pair for a bestie last Christmas, I fretted they were too bright (Malabrigo Worsted in Orchid). But you know what: I like bright pink. They’ll be absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. And I have a skein left.

Why not?

February’s cold. Mittens are soft. Pink is pretty and uplifting. The end.

I deserve a pair. Even though they weren’t on my bucket list for the year (already, I stray). At least it’s a stash buster, which was a resolution of mine. Partial redemption credit?

I haven’t cast on yet. But soon.



In the meantime, I am rejoicing the survival of January, perhaps the bleakest of the winter months. Today is supposed to be our first non-rainy day in what seems like eternity. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will be able to steal a moment of knitting in a sunbeam (always a favorite of mine) and let my mind wander to thoughts of pink, hearts, chocolate and maybe even a little bit of love.


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