Valentines Mitts…For Me!


Happy Valentines Day to me! Happy Valentines Day to me (and you)! Happy Valentines Day dear knitters evvverrrrrryyyywhhhherrrreee! Happy Valentines Day to me (and you!)Simple mitts anyone can knit!

I don’t know how I get side tracked on these tangent knitting projects, but I do. Somehow instead of working on all my other “important” projects, I decided to knit another pair of these mittens from Susan B. Anderson. Except this time I didn’t fret about the color (Malabrigo Worsted in Orchid) being too bright because I like bright.

So there. Simple mitts anyone can knit.

This is a super simple mitten pattern. Definitely a great first-time-ever knitting mittens pattern. Or, my best friend’s birthday was yesterday and I totally need a special gift ASAP pattern.

Whatever works.

I mostly knit these in the car and a dimly lit hotel room. They basically knit themselves. This time, I chose to knit the smallest size because my hands are, uhm, petite.  Simple mitts anyone can knit.

What says Valentines Day more than pink orchid mittens?

Exactly! That’s what I thought too.

I have decided that is perfectly acceptable to give yourself gifts for special (and non-special) occasions. Especially if you make them yourself.

Additional items beyond knitting included in the category of Acceptable Self Gifting: cake (especially varieties involving chocolate or lemon), chocolates (although that’s a bit of work and requires the use of a candy thermometer, which I always find stressful), jewelry, clothing, plants from the garden nursery, and gift certificates for house cleaning conducted by someone other than you. Simple mitts anyone can knit.

As soon as I knit myself new mittens, we had a heat wave. Fruit trees are booming everywhere I look. I even planted the spring garden with little Reed the other day. Peas, spinach, onions, garlic, kale, chard, cauliflower and three distinct varieties of broccoli. This will be good luck for my mittens, however. This happens every year when the weather warms up mid-winter. I jump the gun thinking we have survived the super cold days and go plant the early garden. Then we promptly get an ice storm and two straight eerily dark weeks months of freezing rain and snow.

There’s hope for these mittens yet.

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