Waterlily is Underway

Uhm, did you know you can defrost a frozen banana in the microwave?

It’s true.

I tried it for the first time this morning.

I was frantically trying to whip up waffles from scratch (eh hem, Super Mom!) so Reed would have something to eat for breakfast in the car (…he has to wake up extra early on pre-school commute mornings because we drive for an hour…We live in the middle of nowhere!…so I feed him bacon and waffles in the car…basically my car always smells like a diner and a bear is likely to set up residence any day now…) and our only bananas were frozen (I only recently started freezing bananas that were about to be overripe when I ran out of steam to make banana bread instead…), so I held my breath and stuck the darn thing in the microwave on defrost, half expecting it to explode and send gooey banana shrapnel everywhere…but it worked! Waffle success.

In more relevant news, I am ready to start knitting Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes in Quince Sparrow in the eleuthera colorway. This is my first time knitting with linen. I am not sure I like it. It is kind of like knitting with…well, straw?!?

I am also slightly ashamed to admit this is the first time I have soaked my swatch to allow it to dry before doing a final gage check. I probably would have skipped this step, but when I mentioned my soak-skipping plan to my coworker, she shot me one of those oh no you don’t looks.

See. Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing.

So, the swatch is done, my needle size is selected, and I have completed my cast on.

Now all I have to do is finish weeding the garden, wash our windows, lose five pounds, figure out a Plan for My Life, and kick back and relax.

Ta da!

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