Waterlily Progress

Waterlily is on the needles. After four hours of knitting, my wrists were starting to hurt. I almost didn’t buy the linen yarn because I feared it would cause my hands to hurt as cotton often has…and I was right. I should have trusted my instincts.

But I just couldn’t resist the color, and I was eager to try knitting with linen for the first time.

I am tempted to scrap the whole project, give away the remaining skeins, and start the pattern over with a stretchier wool yarn that will be more forgiving on my aching wrists. For now, I think I will take it slow…maybe a few rows per weekend…and plan to finish next summer. If I am lucky.

In the meantime, I have switched gears and cast on a new wool-based project to ease up on my wrists but keep the needles twirling. This marks THE FIRST TIME I have knit more than one project at a time.

It is getting crazy around here.

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