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Why Reading This Post Will Make Your Day Better: It’s Cocktail Knitting Night!!!!

Heelllooo weeekkkkendddd!

It’s time for our new monthly cocktail date!

For a very long time now, I have been aspiring to start a monthly cocktail-knitting series on This Knitted Life. Why drink alone, when we can drink together!?!?

If I am going to go to the trouble to make an actual cocktail*, I always include fresh fruit. Otherwise, it’s not worth the effort and calorie consumption (in my opinion). Cherries are making their brief appearance in the market, so I’ve mixed them up with some champagne, which always lifts my spirits at least a little, and other fancy stuff. These fizzy pretties are the perfect Survival Reward for a post-work Friday wind-down or simple weekend brunch with friends and family.

I love it when girlfriends stop by for a cocktail (or tea) and a visit. If you were here right now, sipping fizzes with me and stitching away, I’d show you the progress Reed and I have been making in our new garden. It’s (slightly) less overgrown and slowly coming around. We went to the nursery after school earlier this week, and Reed picked out some fresh herbs and a few flowers to fill some holes in the beds.

He was particularly adamant that we buy a new “rosemary with green leaves” to replace the humongous overgrown rosemary** I recently ripped out from one of his favorite hiding spots. He planted the new, itty bitty rosemary back in the exact same spot and still holds a grudge that I dared to remove the original specimen.

We traveled quite a bit in May, enjoying two separate weekends up in the Oregon homeland with friends and family, catching up. We plan to stay closer to home in June, although we’re planning to camp a bit now that summer is Finally Here.

Reed has new neighbors that are close to his age and has been enjoying sharing his swing and generally racing about, squealing and making messes. We’ve never lived near sidewalks before (or quite so close to other kids), so we are enjoying exploring on our scooters and brightening up the block with immense sidewalk chalk murals. Aw, the joys of the urban lifestyle!

I’m still squeezing in a bit of knitting every day. Mostly a couple of hours between 8:00 and 10:00 each evening, cat nearby, and tv on. I’ve been working on reworking my Twist Shawl pattern to make sure it’s absolutely perfect and am using The Fibre Company’s Cumbria for the first time (Cowberry colorway). It’s been a good way to end the day. I hope I can do a better job squeezing in more daylight knitting once we’re a bit more settled and caught up on the yard and other chores.

Now that the weekend’s here, I plan to spend at least one day at the river to soak in the sun, knitting in hand. Summer lawn chair (or beach towel) knitting is one of my favorite joys. I probably won’t pack my champagne cherry fizzes, but I will make sure I drag along lots of cold ice water.

I sure have enjoyed our first cocktail date, although of course it would be better if you were actually HERE in real life. Someday! Until then, find a friend, make yourselves a fresh, fruity cocktail, grab your knitting, and put your feet up.

Champagne-Framboise Fizzes with Fresh Cherries


½ oz. framboise (raspberry liquor) or susbstitute with ½ oz. of chambord for a “kir royale”

6 cherries, pitted


To make:

Pour framboise into a champagne flute. Add several cherries and muddle gently. Pour champagne and watch it fizz! Top with remaining cherries. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: This recipe is for adults that meet the legal drinking age requirements of their respective nations. Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Alcoholism is a very serious disease. Please seek support if you need it. Drinking is very likely to impact your stitch count and may generally result in extensive frogging, so go easy.

**It always amazes me how rosemary can start out so small and grow so MUCH over the course of a decade.

***If you choose not to consume alcohol (good for you!), substitute with fizzy water and a squirt of fresh lime juice.

****Do you already follow me on Instragram? If not, please do. I am here.

5 thoughts on “Why Reading This Post Will Make Your Day Better: It’s Cocktail Knitting Night!!!!

  1. This sounds like my idea of a perfect cocktail-light, fresh, and easy to make.

  2. LOVE the photos 🙂 The cocktail looks very refreshing!

  3. this sounds fun!! if i were to have a cocktail, i would also want fizz and fresh fruit!! i, instead, will have my sweet tea and enjoy it almost as much!!!

    awesome color matching!!!

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