Winter Bucket List of Must Knits

This Knitted Life's Winter Bucket List of Must Knits (2016). Get ready to get your knit on!

Um, so, (American) Thanksgiving is this tomorrow.

Let me say that again.

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW.

I know! (I now digress into a total and utter panic over the three pies I am responsible for contributing. Three! Butter? Where’s the butter?!?!!?!?! And, why would we even bother with turkey when we can just eat pie? Seriously, people. Let’s get our priorities straight.)

For me, Thanksgiving marks the unofficial transition from Fall to Winter. It’s all too much to take. (Wine? Where’s the wine?!?!?!)

I am FINALLY getting ready to start the colorwork on Reed’s future sweater (we’ll see if I finish in time for the holidays this year or the holidays next year…) I am a little freaked out about the colorwork bits, but I figure it will all work out once I refresh myself with the colorwork class I took from Craftsy. And YouTube. There’s hope. (I think.) Once I have that baby off the needles, the world is my woolly oyster. I can’t wait.

[Speaking of Craftsy, they are having a HUGE Black Friday sale starting Thursday (NOT Friday) and continuing through Cyber Monday. This is a PERFECT time to stock up on classes and knitting kits, up to 60% off. The best part is the sale starts TONIGHT at midnight and continues through Cyber Monday. Whoot!]

In the meantime, I’ve got my Winter Bucket List all sorted.


(Note photo credit for all photos are attributed to the respective designer. I share their photos here with the best of intentions for positive promotion and because they are fabulous patterns I am delighted to promote.)

Easy Pie Wedge Shawl

Craftsy’s new Easy Pie Wedge Shawl Kit by Lorna Miser knit in Lorna’s Laces Solemate looks like a ton of fun. I love the simplicity balanced with a bit of complexity. I see a lot of garter which screams Knitflix binge (my favorite!). Pie Wedge Shawl Knitting Kit from Craftsy in Lorna's Laces Solemate.


I know this is carryover from my Fall Bucket List, but I am still DETERMINED to knit Lesley by Hannah Fettig. This pattern can be bought individually on Ravelry, but I TRULY recommend buying the whole stinking book (Everyday Knits) because it rocks. My favorite knitting book ever. ‘Nough said. So far, I have only knit Rosemont (which I honestly could wear but typically wear every other day). I remained determined to knit the entire book.

Lesley by Hannah Fettig.

Hollows Shawl

I think absolutely everything about Mandarine’s Hollows Shawl is so incredibly well executed, from design to style to photography. Melody is my latest (of many) knit-crushes. I really wish my own brain could come up with such a masterpiece.Mandarine's Hollows Shawl

Botanic Hat

I have some color complimenting Malabrigo Worsted scraps leftover from my soon-to-be released poncho and my Valentine’s mitts (plus a vibrant turquoise color) that I want to whip up into some kids hats for Reed and his buddies. I think I am going to resize Stephen West’s Botanic Hat. I have yet to knit a Stephen West pattern, so this should be a fun and simple way to commence (I hope). This pattern has been around for a bit, so I bet many of you already know about this one. I am really hoping to get these done for the holidays at the end of December, but we’ll see…

The Botanic Hat by Stephen West

Winter is such a prime knitting season for so many of us. I have aspirations of being Super Productive. Happy woolly vibes going on over here!

I hope to see you at the Yarn Along this week. I am engulfed in Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. Let’s just say it’s striking a chord.

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for being you!

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