Work in Progress: Travel Knitting

It took too entire days, but we made it home. Such are the joys of living in The Middle of Nowhere: it takes a very long time to get to and fro anywhere else.

The night before our flight, I was up late frantically winding a skein of String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in Caper Sock by hand. The skein was a gift and, as gifted yarn often does, it arrived unwound. I have not used String Theory yarns before, so I am curious to see how it turns out.


After an hour of carefully draping the skein across the back of a dining room chair and slowing winding, winding, winding (and undoing several ridiculous knots!), I have now promised myself a thousand times over that my next knitting-related purchase will be a skein winder (or whatever you call those things).

Holy smokes.

How I made it this many years of knitting without one is a mystery to me. I guess I have always had the yarn store wind them for me…

I came across the Gathering Cowl pattern by Xandy Peters last month when I was searching Pinterest for “gathered stitches” while researching some stitch techniques for a potential pattern I have been pondering for a while now. The Gathering Cowl pattern popped into my feed, and I was intrigued.


Photo credit via Ravelry, Xandy Peters.


I like the geometry of Gathering Cowl. And its simplicity.

The pattern felt like a good candidate for an airplane knitting project.

And it was. Over two full days of traveling, I managed to get an hour of knitting in on the plane while my little guy napped. It wasn’t much, but I will take it.


I am going to continue tonight, as the boys (large and small version) are sleeping peacefully, the house is quiet, and the fire is gently burning in the wood stove.

Sweet dreams, fellow knitters. Sweet dreams.



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